Long ago when I began learning about how to clean and organize I wasn’t truthfully happy about it. I was 13. I must include a photo of the day my aunt was trying to teach me how to scrub a tub because the look on my face says it all. I mean what kid wants to do chores. All in all it taught me how to be today. The sassy truth about organization is that it’s nearly an everyday lifestyle not just a chore.

organizing facts
the truth about organization

And if you’re anything like me, you get the days where life butts in and you feel a little less organized than the day before.

I didn’t grow up easy. I come from a poor family and remember sleeping on a mattress on the floor sometimes. I didn’t have a blow dryer when I was in seventh grade and used to tilt my head over the heater in the morning to try to get it somewhat dry before my bus came. I got picked on a lot and jumped. Yes, people beat me up. My life was not great. And maybe to some extent it still isn’t. But I had a family that always kept their houses cleaned and perhaps a little less organized than most yet, still organized.

Everything is about where you come from. My Nana had ten children and always had a tidy home. She worked full time and still raised a good family. My mom was always clean for the most part and my aunt made me do chores every single day for the better part of my teen years. I never understood it back then but for sure do now. When you teach children to have responsibility at a young age and create a routine based on that, they learn what they live.

Organization and Cleanliness Ties In Together

It’s like peanut butter and jelly. You slap one on and here comes the other. It’s not an easy task though. Some think that it is and for many people out there, it’s daunting. I might look organized but surely am not. I have a fear of settling down. It’s been a phobia for nearly 20 years. I keep things packed away because I don’t know how long I’ll stay. It’s crazy. It’s the opposite of hoarding but really it’s the same thing. Just in a different way.

truth about organization

The truth is that I know how to organize. It’s quite a perfection. But I do it for clients. Sometimes myself but the way I do it for myself is not really organizing at all. It’s a sassy mess to be honest. Why can’t I apply it to my own life, I’ll never know or I’ll get there someday. It’s just not going to be today.

And to further the truth, that is okay.

How I deal with Organizing –

    • take it day by day
    • do what you can
    • put things back when you’re finished using them
    • minimize as often as you can
    • maintain your space: when it’s organized, keep it that way
    • stop hoarding (this goes for writing utensils and supplies)
  • stick to a routine: my main goal when organizing a location in the house is to try and keep it that way. So if I create and stick to the organization, then I won’t have to keep changing things

May seem harder than it sounds so here’s a plan to stay on top of it-

  • upon completing a project as far as organizing goes, take photos to share my accomplished goals
  • don’t let anything that doesn’t belong in there invade the space-keep things not associated with that room out
  • make an effort to work in that space weekly-if my closet just got organized and I just finished laundry, put the clothes back how I organized them in the first place
  • don’t buy what you don’t need
  • make mental notes to remind you of ‘organization behavior’
  • stay put- this is for my own personal life (don’t think you’re going to always move, settle down to stay organized)

I think a part of being ‘organized’ is being settled. Settle yourself, your family, your home and your belongings and then you will maintain a better organized life!

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