I get a lot of questions regarding how often you should clean your homes. With our busy lifestyles it can be quite difficult to accomplish a daily cleaning but I know that most every family has normal day to day cleaning tasks. The reason I put weekly in the title was because each week you should at least tackle the main chores that every household needs to do. In order to maintain the ‘healthy’ quality of life, you should clean your home weekly and it’s important for so many reasons. Here’s our top 3. This isn’t a post about what to clean, it’s about why you should clean it!

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healthier living with frequent house cleanings

While I’ve been cleaning nearly all of my life, I understand that it doesn’t come natural to a lot of people. And that’s perfectly okay. That’s why there’s awesome house cleaners like moi! But in either case, I wanted to share as much as I have learned, so that you know how to live better! When I decided to go all natural, basically I was changing my entire lifestyle.

Top 3 Reasons You Need To Clean Your Home Every Week

Back in 2009, I didn’t leave my home. Well, I did to get the girls from school or make a quick stop to the grocery store but most of my days, I lived INSIDE. I became very ill. I assumed it was the flu, a virus like the pharmacist said, or that my kids gave me their nasty germs from school. My house was clean but that’s not why I’m sharing this story. 8 months later we learned that the house was built with Chinese drywall and suddenly I blamed that. Little did I know that being indoors all day, everyday was not good for me either.

The Air We Breathe Is Not Always Healthy

Think about all the toxins we bring into our homes from the outside. How many of you do not wash your hair everyday? The inside of our homes according to Branch Basics founders, is the dirtiest air that we breathe. When my girls were little they suffered an abundance of allergies. We were home bodies and loved always being indoors. While that wasn’t always the case, it was for many years.

  • Microbes are all over the place……it’s essential to minimize the bacteria that can make you or your family members sick. When I started doing the no poo method, I didn’t realize that my porous hair was trapping toxic allergens and making my insides flare up! I even forgot how to shower when I changed my hair washing techniques. However, today I wash my hair more often because I clean so much and I also clean the bathrooms and kitchens really good on a weekly basis. Those are the rooms with the most disgusting germs.
  • It’s true. Some germs are good for you. But know that when the dust around the rim of your toilet starts to build up, it’s time to clean.

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Cleaning Is A Natural Stress Reliever

  • Instead of making it a daunting task, create a passion for it! Studies show that people who clean on a regular basis are less likely to develop depression, unhealthy lifestyles.
  • I get the most out of vacuuming. I tend to take my time with it because it makes me feel good. And there’s something to be said about being able to capture every hair off the floor.
  • Take your time with it. I know that if you find time to actually clean a room that you’ve been meaning to get to, that you’ll feel on top of the world when you complete it.
  • It’s easy to neglect if you’re extremely busy but your mind deserves it! Cleaning gives you time to yourself and in return your mind is effortlessly relieved.

Weekly Cleaning Creates A Healthy Lifestyle

Some of you may have noticed that our tagline is all about living a better you! The fact that most of us clean a lot of things in our homes on a daily basis is one thing. But the idea of cleaning weekly allows you to live a quality of life that is beneficial to those with children, pets, friends and couples. We all need to live better! Get active and keep your homes tidy. I’m no psychiatrist but I do clean for a living and I can attest that it’s important on so many levels.

Tell us how often you clean, what you clean on a daily, weekly or monthly basis! We’d love to hear.

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