I’m a person that loves smells. I am an avid lover of all things delicious to my nostrils. Believe me when I say that my house better smell good or else! There’s so much about essential oils and diffusers these days that I thought I would share my knowledge and input. Many moons ago, you would have caught me with one in every single room of our home. Not today. The more I grow as a house cleaner, a mom and they say that age gives you wisdom, I experience different ways to do things.

If you are new here, you will find me talking a ton about minimalism. I recently started writing about it because it has changed my life tremendously. Over the past 2 years I have grown to be an even better person because of this. It actually ties in with smells. I used to spend a lot of money on candles, burn them and not truly get the results I was looking for. I like a clean, crisp smell when I walk into my home.

Our homes are our sanctuaries and we should treat them accordingly.

I don’t own anymore oil diffusers because I’ve had so many stop working and it got to the point of being furious with the makers. I invested so much money into stuff that breaks after a short period of time or didn’t even work to begin with. Buying expensive ones too. In either case, I went back to wax burners because they give me the exact results I’m looking for. I’ve had this specific one for years and it has been in multiple areas of our previous home. I started cleaning houses and noticed a lot of home owners using different styles of burners, diffusers, and it got me thinking of where to place this one that I had packed away.

What’s great about burners is that you can use your essential oils in them as well. I prefer wax because I absolutely fell in love with this company. They last longer than any other scents I’ve purchased. And the scent is strong enough to linger throughout the entire home in just one room.

Remember that saying, less is more. It works well when you’re trying to make your home smell good. Yesterday I was cleaning a place that had an outlet diffuser in every single room. When I left that house, I smelled just like the fragrance and even got ill. Too much smell is intoxicating. You can actually do more harm if you are not careful.

That’s exactly why I thought it was important for me to write this post. Never try to mask odors. It only makes the smell worse. Even if your house is extremely clean but you have way too many scented things, those fragrances release chemicals into the air and can cause breathing problems. Not to mention a list of other health issues. Not only do I want my home to be clean but I also want my lungs to be.

If your house does smell too strong, open the windows. Every house needs fresh air. 

The only room in your home that actually needs any type of diffuser or burner is the bathroom. I never honestly thought about doing this because we spend most of our time in other parts of the house. However, I tried it and cannot tell you how much of a difference it makes in the way the house smells. I do NOT let it burn for hours. I plug it in for 1 hour max. Then I go and unplug. The melts I mentioned above lasts all day. And that’s good enough for me. We live in a two bedroom apartment. So I put one burner in each bathroom and the freshness it brings to the home is really amazing.

This will also help you declutter the vanity areas in your home. You have to have room for it, so it makes sense to have the bathroom sink cleaned and clutter free. Win win.

Tell us where you keep your burners and diffusers and if you are finding that you have too many, try to simplify. Until next time, keep it sassy!

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