The mother in me always wants to clean healthy and do everything as natural as possible! However, when dealing with tough grime, soap scum, build up and deposits, there’s really no way to get it clean otherwise. Using cleaning products that are harmful or dangerous is never an option I like to take. Many people think that if it’s on the market then it is safe to use. It’s really based on your own preference and if you can tolerate the fumes or not. If you can’t, hire a house cleaner that will use chemicals. The easiest way to clean shower glass doors is by using the right cleaning products! I have had my fair share of testing many different brands and I know what works! Lucky for you, you can do it the first time and be done with it.

3 Simple Steps To Clean Glass Showers

This is the cheapest and fastest way to get your showers clean. Honestly it really doesn’t take much if you like spot free glass. I would suggest wearing a mask though.

easiest way to clean shower glass
tips on how to clean your shower glass doors

I won’t go into to detail about what I used in the past, just know that in my experience as a house cleaner, I’ve tried a ton of products – high quality or not!

Step One:

Remove any water splashes on the glass. This is important when cleaning tile and grout too! Water spots are there because no one dries the shower when they are finished cleaning up. You can do this with a microfiber cloth or a squeegee. I like both.

Step Two:

Pour 1/4 cup of ammonia into a spray bottle ( I reuse my Method bottles ) and then pour warm water into it. Fill almost to the top. Shake.

Step Three:

Spray onto the glass. The heavier the grime, the more you spray. Doing one small section at a time, use a circular motion and a back and forth, up and down with a sponge. As soon as you sponge it, wipe dry with paper towels. I use paper towels because it prevents hairs and other little things that might get stuck in your microfiber cloths.

Simplest way. Use ammonia, scrub with a sponge and dry! 3 step process….get those shower doors streak free!

Do not attempt if you are pregnant, nursing, have lung disease, etc……hire a cleaner to do this for you!

You may have to repeat the process if the soap scum is caked on but after a few attempts, this method works!!!

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