We’ve already opened our windows to allow the house to start airing out. One of the things that people don’t realize is that their own smell doesn’t usually creep up on them but it certainly does to guests. We’re ready to start spring cleaning and here’s some simple tips to help you get it done! If you haven’t prepped yet, you still have time.

Focus on the main parts of your home!

Kitchens + bathrooms are typically the busiest and bedroom closets usually get everything tossed into them. Why not just clean those closets out too. We’ll discuss the quickest way to clean the fridge out later in the post. This goes for cabinets and under the sinks too. Decluttering is a huge part of this cleaning experience.  

One Room At a Time for a Successful Spring Cleaning

  • The interior and exterior of all major appliances need to be cleaned. Throw away things you don’t use or need and toss out products with very little leftovers in them.
  • A thorough dusting is in order. Fans, vents, walls, ceilings and crown moldings.
  • Windows and frames need to be washed with Clorox Bleach and Dawn Dish Soap because if you have a home that likes to collect mold, this will help tremendously.

Are your windows and shades wide open yet?

  • Lysol spray the entire house from top to bottom while the windows are open. This gives your home a nice disinfect and airs the harsh smell out at the same time.
  • Start moving any dead plants indoors to the lanai or patio and water them or replant them to give them life again. I have a nice post coming up about my favorite, low maintenance plants, so stay tuned.
  • Sweep & vacuum the entire house including the lanai.

Remember a healthy home is a sassy home!

  • Run the washer by itself with 1 cup of white distilled vinegar and 1 cup of baking soda. This should remove nasty odors before you wash your bedding.
  • Remove all the bed linens in the house and wash on HOT.
  • Spray the mattresses with Lysol (brand name only)

This is important if you haven’t cleaned your beds in a long time!!

The entire house deserves an entire top to bottom detailed cleaning. You still have some things to do like corner cracks and behind all the doors. Dust mites are practically everywhere. So, just remember a good dusting, vacuuming and deep washing of bedding and beds is on the top of the list for this spring cleaning!

how we deep clean:

1.) Dust, Dust, Then Dust Again- our deep cleaning package consists of a 3 step process in this area of work. Dry dust, vacuum and wash. The baseboards are extremely important because these tend to be missed. We also get behind the doors, in the cracks, above doors and beyond. It’s a rather stunning package if you need it.

2.) Scrub bathrooms from behind the toilet, in the toilet to the interior drains and more. If you have clogged drains, dump some Clorox bleach down them. It eats everything and you’ll have fast draining water in no time.

3.) Spring cleaning is supposed to be fun- jack up the music, smile, dance, have a party!

how to spring clean

4.) Interior + Exterior appliances and cupboards get cleaned out. We use the all purpose cleaner to wipe the entire refrigerator out. It’s all natural and won’t require you to remove anything. If the drawers are a hot mess, soak them in hot water and dawn dish soap. Here’s how I quickly clean the fridge with just hot water.

5.) Vacuum, vacuum and vacuum again. Paying close attention to baseboards, behind the furniture and under, closet spaces and above the doors. We use our Shark Professional to reach high windows and door frames to remove dust that’s been lingering for years.


6.) Pull out the furniture if needed. This gives you a chance to makeover a room as well. Placing furniture in a new location is always refreshing and you get to clean what’s behind it.

7.) Wash the windows inside and out. Hire someone if you cannot do it. Basically lift the blinds, dust those (dry and wet) and get a good cleaning on those window sills.

8.) Open the doors and wipe along the edges- this needs to be done because so much traffic and debris come in each and everyday. Vacuum then wipe down with a good cleaner.

9.) Get those carpets and tile floors professionally cleaned. As house cleaners, we cannot tackle that for you! You need professional equipment.

The typical rule of thumb when deep cleaning is to go over every room a couple of times to make sure you don’t miss something. If you’ve been maintaining your home, you shouldn’t need such an aggressive cleaning. 

If all of this seems overwhelming, consider going minimal. It decreases stress levels and gives you a better outlook on what life is truly about. I can attest that cleaning is so much easier by living this way! It’s something you should try in 2019. 

What are some things you’re doing to clean this time of year?

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