Hey Hey Sassy Friends! Now that the interior spring cleaning has been tackled, we’re moving on to the exterior of the home. Phew, right gals, it’s time for the men to get off the couch and pitch in! Haha. In all sincerity, though, most guys LOVE this time of the year. Sure, they might ‘pretend’ its arduous and taxiing, but we know the truth. They are just as excited about Exterior spring cleaning of their home as we are about the Interior.

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Spring Cleaning The Gutter, Roof and Exterior Home

We are about two months away from this wonderful and rewarding time of year. The time when we get to show off our talents, and for our home to become the talk of the neighborhood! So, here’s Clean and Sassy’s breakdown of how to accomplish the task of

Spring Cleaning the Exterior Home

Just like the Interior, it’s always best to start from the top down


Essentially all you are doing here is clearing the debris and leaves from the rooftop and gutters. This will also allow you to see how the roof is holding up, and if any repairs are needed. While up there, trim and cut any tree branches that may be too close to the home or hanging over your roof. The gutter clean-out is very important to allow rain water to flow seamlessly off your roof. I know, I know, this is the arduous and taxiing part I mentioned earlier. But, the piece of mind and level of satisfaction you get from addressing the roof and gutter cleaning is unparalleled. 

Pressure washing the Exterior: 

Just like our cars need cleaning after a little while, so does your home! (Especially) after a long, hard winter your home is calling out for a bath. This step in the cleaning process is when you begin to see results. We recommend pressure washing all of your exterior walls, windows, shutters, garage, and patios/decks. Heck, since you’ve got the pressure washer out, go ahead and spray off your walkways and driveway, at this point. You are eliminating stains, cobwebs, and dirt/debris (some of which was the result of your roof/gutter cleaning). It’s also allowing your home to ‘show off‘ its potential and regain its brilliance. 


This step is optional. If your home is in need of a paint job, then this is the time to tackle it. Whether its a fresh coat of paint, or a new color all together, this can make your house pop! But, again, completely optional. 

Spring Cleaning Exterior Home


Okay, ladies and gents, this is the FUN part! Right? This is where your talents are on full display, and allow your home to be the talk of the neighborhood. Let’s face it, to this point it’s (probably) been the guys outside doing most of the exterior cleaning. But, now that they have gotten us this far, we can all get our hands dirty. Mulching the beds, fertilizing the lawn, and beginning your garden, gives so much back to the visualization and comfort of your home! Let’s not forget to trim the hedges, and pull out the weeds too. All of this hard work lends itself to a happy home, and the envy of so many.

Window Washing:

After a harsh winter you’re definitely going to want to get the windows washed. Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, the glass needs to be cleaned.

Garage + Shed:

Now is the perfect time to prep for a yard sale and/or donating the things in the garage that you barely ever use. You’ve already got the doors open to grab your pressure washers, leaf blowers and gardening supplies, so let’s declutter these spaces just like you would the indoors. 

Fire It Up + Break Out The Smores

Last but not least, clean up the fire pit area and make the outdoor living space cozy for late night bonfires, smores, sleepovers, barbecuing and relaxing while watching the sunset. Tidy up any loose bricks, order some new wood and spray down the lawn chairs. Don’t forget to invite us over! After all we did share the tips?! Haha.

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outdoor living space cleaning and decorating

So there you have it! Clean and Sassy’s step by step recommendations of tackling the Exterior Spring Cleaning of your Home. Did we miss anything? Please share your thoughts and comments. Better yet, come April, share your photos and ‘show off’ your homes. We’ve had fun writing our Interior and Exterior spring cleaning tips, and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading them. Follow us on Twitter+ FB

Doug + Vic

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