The Essential House Cleaning Package

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Our basic cleaning package is standard but overall very detailed and perfect for the everyday busy families. House cleaning comes very natural for us. We love taking that task off of your plate. With the essential house cleaning package you can rest assured that your home is healthy and renewed.

We Don’t Just ‘Spot’ Clean, We Provide a Healthy Sanitation Throughout

Get it clean, sassy style. We do not just surface clean, we still give you a really detailed cleaning with this option. Paying close attention to dirty cupboards and even the light switches. We do incorporate some of the deep cleaning in this package, for ex: kitchens and bathrooms always get baseboard washing.

The Basic: is for the

obsessed house cleaners

This is for anyone who just needs a run down of daily cleaning. With our high quality products, rest assured that you’re getting a service well worth your money. Whether it’s this package or the in-depth, your home is freshly breathable once again.


  • Sweeping, Mopping, and Vacuuming Of Every Room
  • Sinks, Mirrors, and Vanity Washing
  • Counter top, Stove top, Exterior Appliance Cleaning
  • Dusting (fans are not included in this package)
  • Toilet, Shower and Bathtub Scrubbing
  • 1 Free Load of Laundry Or Interior Microwave Clean Out
  • Bed Making ( you must remove old linens and set out the new sheets )
  • Trash Removal ( one bag )
  • Light Switch Plates
  • Dishwasher Cycle or Dish Cleaning

We do not go under or behind furniture with this package. If you would like to substitute each individual service, we can accommodate you.

We work with you to meet your everyday cleaning needs. If you want an option from the in-depth incorporated into the essential, please ask for more details.


  • small businesses and commercial office space
  • homes and vacation rental properties
  • apartments || condos
  • one room cleanings
  • move in/outs
  • newly listed homes || market ready preps
  • same day cleanings

Prices are based on package deals per square footage. To get your home clean and sassy, simply call 843-424-9558 to receive a FREE ESTIMATE

We do offer hourly cleaning services. Up to 2 hours minimum. Ask for more details. 

We provide all cleaning supplies, products and equipment!




For any other services you may like, contact us! We offer individual services as well. 

Thank You! Feel Free to Ask Any Questions.

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Basic House Cleaning By Clean and Sassy Cleaning Services

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