If you want to sell your home fast here’s some fabulous cleaning tips that will help you move the process along. We recently visited our parents when the subject of selling their high rise came up. I tend to visualize how I would change a home if I was given the opportunity almost all of the time. If you’re not following my Insta you should be! Although a house might look cleaned, there’s always room for improvement. I have a client with a big house and the purpose of buying their home was to quickly turn around and resell because the value will automatically increase. Many people do this so their homes often remain in that staged look while living there.

How To Sell Your Home Fast

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Not every home is created equally. Modern, newly built and remodeled homes usually have the upper hand when you want it sold quickly. Whether your home is new or old doesn’t really matter. All that people want to see when they begin their search for their forever home is that it’s clean, free from clutter and ready to move in. Unless they’re looking for a fixer upper, this post isn’t for them.


  • Take everything you don’t use or want and throw it away or donate it. Remove as much clutter as possible during this process. The only way to really start cleaning is by de-cluttering.
  • Pack your personal belongings before you even put your house on the market. However, keep a family photo¬† out if you’d like. Read how to stage your home for more ideas. Buy a storage unit or keep these boxes somewhere other than the house you’re trying to sell.
  • Decide which rooms are going to be the rooms you barely use anymore and start cleaning those first. After you’ve eliminated all of the clutter there should be very few items in that room if any. A bed, nightstand and dresser. If it’s completely empty the better. Dust first getting every corner, vent, window sill, and closet.
  • Remove any built up dirt on the crown moldings by using a wet wipe or warm water, soap and a rag. This helps if you need to touch up with any paint.
  • Walls, blinds and fans tend to get missed but pay close attention to these. If there is dirt stains on the walls you’ll want to either clean or paint them. Blinds need to be free from dust and dead bugs. Fans need to be spotless.
  • Vacuum floors weekly. This is especially important if you have newer carpet because you want to keep it new. Extending it to the last minute is harmful. This goes with cleaning the hardwood and ceramic too. A weekly clean is crucial. Hire an experienced carpet cleaner to make sure you’re getting a healthy clean.
  • ¬†Keep all appliances fresh and clean. Throw in a 1/2 cup of baking soda, 1/4 cup of vinegar and let the wash run without anything in it. Empty the lint trap, clear the vent and exhaust duct of the dryer. Wipe the interior with warm water and soap to remove any odors. Throw old food away and clean the fridge with hot water and dawn dish soap. These are things people open when they want to buy a home.

Everything else is common sense cleaning. Be sure to remind yourself that because it looks clean doesn’t mean it truly is. Get on your hands and knees to view things from below. Look behind doors and above the kitchen cabinets. Create a check list to help you if you get overwhelmed. Overall a clean home is a classy, welcoming home to guests and buyers. If you need help selling yours, Clean and Sassy can clean for you.

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