Referral Program

clean and sassy referrals

The C + S referral program is one of the greatest ways for you to earn a FREE house cleaning. Refer a friend, family member, co-worker, and get rewarded! A simple, easy, fun way to get your house cleaned for any occasion. Whether you’re just conversating at work, chatting to your friends or having a coffee date; it’s nice to have something to talk about.

The Sassy Referral Program

referral program

Networking is one of the most powerful and exciting collabs in business today! I’m an avid business promoter and when it comes to helping someone’s success, I dive right in to lend a hand. That’s why we created a fabulous referral program to help you, help us!


-refer 5 new clients to clean and sassy, receive one free essential cleaning package

(it doesn’t matter what service they order, any new client directly from you will be a step towards your free cleaning)

-refer 8 new clients, receive one deep cleaning

-10 new clients to c + s, receive a room makeover (does not include supplies or new purchases, just the service is free : ask for more details)

-12 new clients, receive an organization service of your choice

Sound Like A Lot Of Work?! It Isn't! It's actually almost crazy fun and gives you something to chat about with your girlfriends, mom pals and co-workers. Know a neighbor who looks like they need a hand around the house? Tell them about Clean and Sassy!

We keep track of every new client through our referral program. Remind your friends to mention YOU as they book their appointments.

MUST be a NEW client each referral!!!! Ask for more details by commenting below or emailing us at cleaningwithsass AT gmail DOT com.

spending time with family again

Our Mission is to give you back your life, your freedom, your families and quality time spent with your friends!! Don’t let having a messy house stop you any longer. Join our FREE program and EARN great things! The most rewarding is going to be that extra time you get to spend with your loved ones. No more worries of having things done around the house anymore! Come home to a healthy lifestyle. C + S is right for you!!!

Need help trying to achieve those new clients, ask us….we can assist! Once you refer your first new client, you become a member of the sassy club! Learn More about how you can earn FREE gifts and things!