Hey Hey Sassy Friends! This past week we purchased the Rainbow E Series to clean your homes even better. The water filter system is rated the best in the world. Using quality vacuum cleaners is our mission. We strive to be the absolute best in the house cleaning business. If there is one thing we care about, it is healthy living. Today we will be sharing the difference between dry vacuum cleaner filters and a water filter.

Having used dry filter, bag less vacuum cleaners my entire life, I was intrigued to learn more about wet filters and how it works. Not too long ago I decided that I wanted to clean as naturally as possible with our cleaning business. Coming home from daily cleanings and washing our Shark Professional Rotator seemed to be getting somewhat of a nuisance. As a new business we only own a handful of vacuums. And as we grow, we’ll be sure to learn more and more about the process.



1.) perfect for everyday quick cleaning

2.) convenient and lightweight

3.) easy to store away


1.) blows dust around

2.) hard to clean entire system removing hoses and taking apart

3.) easily clogs

4.) breathe in harmful allergens when cleaning the system and emptying

5.) only last a few years if that

6.) doesn’t pick up hairs 100%

While I will always use a bag less or even a bag (in our Oreck), I find that in our house cleaning business we will need to clean BETTER by using different methods. Do you ever smell the funky pet and dirt odors after vacuuming your carpets? That’s the result of dirty floors beneath the surface. Ordinary vacuum cleaners cannot possibly deep clean. It’s impossible.


However, it is possible to maintain a healthy, minimal clean home with your everyday vacuum cleaners like this cordless Oreck if you do not have pets that shed.

Many and most of our clients have pets. It's a dog's world, let's face it! 



1.) allergen remover

2.) wet dust cannot fly

3.) water trapping dirt and debris is all natural

4.) quality of your carpets looks better

5.) sucks up 10 X’s the pet hairs

6.) not exposed to allergies and toxic dust when emptying water basin

7.) essentially odor free

8.) easy to clean parts

9.) healthier living

10.) pet, child and allergen buster friendly

11.) lasts longer than 10 years


1.) heavyweight

2.) hard to store

3.) expensive

4.) can be hard to maneuver

5.) time consuming cleaning



The water filter system is targeted towards pet owners and homes with carpets. It traps twice as much dirt, hairs and debris. For a healthier lifestyle, breathe better with the rainbow vacuum cleaner! Leave questions and comments in the section below and be sure to LIKE US ON FB

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