It’s spring and this year we are moving. Having lived in the same community for over two years, we’ve decided it is time for change. A new place to call home often leads to new beginnings and I’ve always enjoyed having the versatility in my life. Our lease is up in May and we’ve already started packing. I rarely ever do things last minute because it’s a pretty big job; a really tough job to handle sometimes. I thought it would be nice if I shared my packing and moving out cleaning tips since I did a little post about moving in.

Packing Tips
Moving out cleaning and packing tips

Throughout the year I save GOOD boxes. I bought a new Keurig and it came with several heavy duty boxes and I save the paper wrap that I get every time I purchase glass at TJMaxx or Marshall’s, wherever. But if I need more than what I’ve saved, I head to Dunkin Donuts and ask them if they can save theirs for me because I used to work there and know that they have durable ones. In either case, start with some good boxes.

Rules for packing:

  • start in one room-pick a room that you know you’re not going to use as much and set the box(s) up in that room to get you started
  • organize by keeping the same kind of stuff in the same box-navigate around the house if you have to (to get more of them ie: frames, glass jars, books, etc)
  • use a SHARPIE to write what’s in that box on the outside- I always write a couple things: books, keep, fragile, etc…..on each side of the box
  • don’t fill to the top or make too heavy
  • place wrapping paper around the items to prevent breakage
  • seal it with heavy duty scotch tape
  • set aside in a room against a wall until you’re ready to actually move out
  • clean as you go….I wash the picture frames before I place them in a new box and dust everything off when the shelves are empty

Because we’ve moved so much throughout our lives, we’ve developed how to pack and move like a pro. It’s really all about staying organized in a nutty situation.

Rules for cleaning:

  • take everything you can think of to throw away and do it-conveniently we live right by the dumpster so we separated everything from the closets, cupboards and around the house to toss out-if I haven’t used it in over a year then I don’t need it
  • as mentioned above, I clean as I go and then some- the whole thing about cleaning as you go is so you don’t overwhelm at the end, so whatever can be cleaned, do it ( you don’t want to carry dust mites to your new place )
  • save everything you’ll be using the most of for last- ie: bathtubs, sinks, fridge, etc
  • sell anything useful like furniture pieces you no longer want on FB marketplace
  • clean a room that you won’t need to use first so you can close those rooms off
  • by eliminating rooms you’ll be able to tackle just a few major ones upon moving out- if there is just a bed or dresser in the room then fine but take everything else out
  • save the big stuff for the movers
  • take everything off the walls, take the nails out, wash the ceiling fans and window sills with bleach and warm water, open the shades
  • gut as much food as you can out- don’t keep half empty containers in the fridge or things you know you’ll never eat, throw that stuff away
  • do the same with the cupboards and pack most of your dishes away (keep few out for what you’ll need but for the most part pack it up)
  • under the sink guts too- take everything you don’t want and throw it away, pack what you don’t need right now and leave just a few products out for everyday use

Let’s not overwhelm in just one post. I think you get the better half of the idea on how to start. These packing and moving out cleaning tips are just to get you a little motivated before the big day! Of course there’s a lot more to do like:

-hire a moving company

-move boxes to the new place

-clean all major appliances out

-have the carpets professionally cleaned

and so much more—did you load up on the coffee? I sure did!

One step at time, one day at a time, ask for help from family and friends if you need. Keep the animals in a crate, the kids at grandma’s and enjoy the fast food you get to eat while you’re in the midst of relocating. Don’t stress or overwhelm. Hopefully these tips will help you on your moving out journey!

What are some of your favorite things to do while moving or does it in general just terrify you? I think y’all will be okay. New beginnings right? Where are you headed?

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