As a mom and a lover of all things to do with home decor, clothing, beauty and especially coffee mugs; I have to hold down some kind of decluttering fort! Grab the coffee friends, you’ll need it! Let’s just say that it’s okay to pick up extra things at Target ( like that cute tee ) and not necessarily need it. Okay, okay, maybe it’s not okay?! In any hoot, we CAN’T help ourselves, right?! My weekly decluttering routine consists of taking control of one room at a time. If I notice that the master closet is in disarray, it’s time to take on the challenge:

The Weekly Decluttering Routine Challenge

decluttering challenge
tips on how to get rid of and organize the things in your home/office

DAY 1-

1.) start by shifting through your clothes in the closet….the first thing i do is go through everything hanging and pull off anything that i probably won’t wear in the next couple of weeks. i tossed over 10 pieces of clothing that i could live without. ( it takes inner strength, trust me )

2.) if you don’t have any storage bins, baskets, or containers, hunt for them while you’re out. often times you can snag a deal in the clearance sections of target, walmart, tjmaxx. this way you can store sweaters and seasonal clothing somewhere on a shelf or under the bed. it helps to relieve the chaos in the closets. kids rooms are a perfect challenge but they need to be done.

The Closets

closet organization tips_LI

After I throw all the clothing I don’t need or want anymore, I take a break…that’s enough to put anyone into shock ( not really ) but I then take my trash to the garbage and have some more coffee. The reason I don’t donate anymore is because it causes me extra stress. The fact that I just throw everything away makes me feel better. Call me an inconsiderate you know what but I don’t care…it’s not worth the headache in this cities traffic.

DAY 2-

1.) i head into both bathrooms and go through everything on the vanity. if i absolutely use it, it goes underneath the sink or in the drawers. if you don’t have that option put in a storage box in your linen closet or master closet. this clears up your bathroom sink areas. while you’re putting your beauty products under the sink, straighten and see if there’s anything that can be thrown away.

2.) empty the trash bins in both bathrooms even if they are not full. i notice that the more i do this, the more sane i get. it’s weird but true. the garbage in those rooms don’t have to be full in order to empty.

3.) open the shower curtain and throw the crumbly soap bar away, any empty containers and wipe the walls down. if there’s more shampoo and conditioner bottles in there than you need, put the others in a closet or under the sink. store them elsewhere and only keep what you absolutely need in there. no one wants to take a shower with crap falling all over the place. it’s supposed to be a relaxing moment, duuuuhhhhh! if you rotate shampoo’s fine….then transfer them out. don’t keep them all in there.

How To Declutter Your Home In One Week

Day 3-

1.) clear off the washer and dryer. how many of us leave a couple folded pieces of clothing on it or the dryer sheets, a pair of shoes you just washed, etc….etc…..? wipe those two appliances clean so that NOTHING is on top of them. if you must keep a little basket on there to store the dryer sheets in, fine.

2.) take the stuff that doesn’t belong in the laundry room and send it packing. i have two shelves that we keep laundry products on but for some reason throughout the week, something that doesn’t belong in there seems to creep and try to make itself home. NO NO NO. i also keep two baskets on these shelves-one for laundry soaps and one for microfiber cloths, extra dryer sheets, cleaning products, etc. i typically go through these two baskets and use whatever is the most empty first so that i can immediately dispose of that bottle/product.

3.) washer and dryer should both be empty by the end of the day. don’t forget to clean out the vent and leave the washer open so it can dry out.

4.) if you store hampers in this room, separate colors from whites and try to maintain a routine that doesn’t allow for pile up. if you have a much larger fam-try to either do a load every single day or at least 4 times a week. i throw mine in first thing in the morning when i am having coffee…..BASED on my daily schedule, i will determine if i need to throw in the whites or the colors first. if i’m going to be home for a few hours, i throw the colors in. if i am heading out rather quickly; i toss the whites in. WHY? because if you need to leave in a hurry-whites will not smell as bad as colors will if you leave them in the washer for hours.

Day 4-

1.) ahhhhh, my kitchen, my kitchen! first things first. ALWAYS declutter the sink before all else! having an empty sink will create a much happier woman. my kitchen sink is cleaned daily not weekly. however, the dishwasher only runs a couple times a week. the rest of the days i do them by hand because we don’t have that much pile up. if you can maintain a routine where cleaning the few pieces of dishes in the sink so that this prevents a cluttered mess, SASSY BOSS status! you GO girl!

2.) cupboards. go through and toss any partial food that you won’t be eating anytime soon, check the expired food status and throw everything away. make sure your dinner plates are lined up accordingly and the glasses are all neat in a row. i often do this more than once a week but overall make sure your kitchen cabinets don’t get out of hand. now, if we get an overwhelming amount of dishes and i want to get rid of anything, then YES, i will donate them.

3.) food in the fridge-anything that won’t be eaten in the next week that is near empty, i toss. number 1. i cannot handle an unorganized refrigerator! things got to go. i especially get irate when i see soda bottles that are flat to the bottom. no one is drinking that crap! you cannot scoop a mayonnaise jar more than it can be scooped. throw that out! oh, and LEFTOVERS! if you don’t eat it within a reasonable time after you’ve cooked and stored it, it’s time to clean that container out. my golly!

4.) open all the drawers. i often do this to make sure silverware is where it’s supposed to be and there’s absolutely NO papers allowed in drawers. if there is, you better get an organized recipe book or something! mail doesn’t belong in the kitchen. sorry, it just doesn’t. towels are in the right drawer and zip lock bags are in a separate one. i keep my kitchen drawers to a minimum. i don’t have 50 towels or rags in a drawer, i don’t have a 65 piece of silverware. it’s just easier to be a minimalist in the kitchen to keep my sanity.

5.) rearrange the counter tops. i do this weekly because it helps to declutter anything that doesn’t need to be there. if i clean one side of the counter and switch the toaster oven to another counter, it gives me the chance to see what we have and what we need to get rid of.

Day 5-

How To Be A Minimalist

living room minimalist
tips on how to be more minimal

1.) keep things in less than 5’s. if you love magazines ( i love them too ) or books, bundle in pairs, or no more than 5. take a look at the bookshelf. if it has more than 5 pieces of decor, donate or get rid. keep what you really like as far as a piece of decor goes and pair it with a nice photo on top of 2 books. then on the next shelf just have a plant. the shelf doesn’t need to be full.

2.) this is in reference to pieces of furniture too. except i keep mine at a 3 max. sofa, chair, table. donate the rest.

3.) clear the tv stand or entertainment center and hide those cords. clean off the stand and then relocate anything that doesn’t need to be there. i don’t know about you but i like to watch tv not all the things surrounding it.

That’s all I’ve got! I keep 2 days to myself and clients. Don’t overwhelm but if you do this each and every week, it helps!!! I hope you’re on your way to a less mess (so to speak). And I hope you find pleasure in the simple things. Like only having 5 of your favorite mugs in the cupboard. Til next time…..declutter!!

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