Not too long ago I was writing a post about the easiest way to clean your shower glass doors¬†and it quickly became an ‘uh-oh’ moment for me in my career! In an attempt to remove soap scum effectively + efficiently, I tested cleaning products that didn’t quite work for me. As many of you know, I am an avid dawn dish soap lover and use this product on many of my cleaning jobs. From mirrors to walk in showers, counter tops and even floors, I realized that while it’s a product I love and support, I cannot clean efficiently with it. Yes, it works fast and easy but I need to clean even faster than what this product does for me. Additionally, I’m tired of soap suds.

Using harsh chemicals over the years was an experience that I’m truly grateful for. Why? Because it actually taught me a lot about my health. I’m a migraine sufferer. When I started C + S, I had very little invested. I cleaned with minimal techniques and if a job required more cleaning, I resorted to the shelf products.

From the very beginning, I knew in my heart that I wanted to clean ALL NATURAL. I purchased a ton of different brands and honestly, I was not 100 % pleased with any of them. As a mom, nature lover, health nut, and life lover, I cannot tell you how much that hurt my passion and growth for this business. But I didn’t give up! I kept on pluggin’ and continued to clean homes very detailed and of course my clients were still happy with my services. But I was not. Sounds like a lack of confidence on my part and it was.

I needed to be who I was in this business- a boss, full of confidence, knowledgeable and successful!

all natural cleaning story

One day I was cleaning a walk in shower with bleach. It’s the only thing that removes mold and for me I thought, if I just pour some on and walk away….I will be okay. In reference to my health. Breathing in toxins has been a lifelong problem for me. I waited about 15 minutes before I went back in to rinse and that’s when I started choking. Yes, I thought I was going to die. I quickly rinsed it off holding my breath. Even after I left the bathroom I continued to cough the entire day. My body was trying to release the poison in my lungs. I learned how to breathe, taking deep breaths to calm myself. I vowed to NEVER do that again. And I stuck by that. Bleach is in so many cleaning products.

While many products state that it will remove mold, they do not. Bleach may be the only thing that I know of that works, however, mold still comes back. And I cannot risk killing myself or anyone else, so I continued to do some research.

The C + S Story Behind Going All Natural

I reached out to brands that would allow me to test their products and when I spoke to a Branch Basics representative about working with their products, I knew that this company was meant for me. The story behind their business touched home. It didn’t take long before I knew that this was the brand I wanted for Clean and Sassy.

When I clean for families with little ones and more importantly, my own home- I want to clean for all the RIGHT reasons. My daughters are severe allergen sufferers. Growing up they both tested allergies to pretty much everything. Pets, dander, milk, nuts, laundry detergents, you name it….they were allergic. It took months of blood testing and specialists visits to make me realize that everything was toxic. I quickly had to become more educated. Get rid of the cats, the dogs, the dyes, the milk products, the air we breathe. People thought I was crazy! We invested in purifiers and changed our lifestyle dramatically.

After years of research, we finally purchased a hypoallergenic Maltese to fulfill our family. The girls couldn’t be happier. I started buying dye free products and washing their clothes with clear laundry soap. Their health improved over the years but I was still struggling with the cleaning products. The ones I bought that claimed to be ‘all natural’ were still strongly scented, foamy, not doing the job like I needed. I honestly stopped cleaning. I didn’t like their brand and so therefore, I wasn’t going to keep purchasing them ‘just because’. People spend billions of dollars on products that are really not what they say they are. The truth is….these cleaning products are misleading you! I cannot support something I don’t believe in.

Going All Natural With Cleaning Products

Upon receiving our Branch Basics starter kit, the feeling both Doug and I had was the ‘Ah ha’ moment we were searching for. Because we had been waiting for this day to come and it finally did! We now strongly support a brand that we BELIEVE in. While we are still in the process of learning about this company, I can stand behind their story and my very own. I have to do what’s right for my business and my personal experiences. Being a parent is the greatest gift in life. Knowing how to live healthy is part of the process. It’s learning, ups + downs, health scares and struggles that we face in order to become better. The fact that I can promote a brand that works for me is exciting, powerful and really important as I grow this business.

The clients that I have are all passionate about healthy cleaning products. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t care about how their house gets cleaned. It’s about building relationships, sharing your stories and showing compassion for families and people who want to live clean!

I can now promote a cleaning business that I am proud of. I mean, I was before but now I’m naturally ecstatic. This is my story! I could write a book about my eldest daughters flare ups, how she was on prednisone ( and other allergy meds ) for years, how my youngest struggled with inhalers and breathing treatments, the day she peed her pants on the bus coming home from school because of the meds she was on and the drive was too long for her, how my daughter went to school looking like a clown because her face swelled up so bad for months and specialists couldn’t figure it out! The moment I felt my lungs aching when I cleaned with toxic chemicals was it for me. It was obviously too much. I kept telling Doug that I couldn’t do it anymore. If I was going to run this business successfully then I had to give up cleaning with harsh products. If I wouldn’t use them in our home, why would I use them in our clients homes?!

I changed our lifestyle for our girls. Now it’s time to change it for Clean and Sassy!! You’re welcome to Read Our ‘How To Clean Everything In Your Home With One Natural Cleaner‘.

Share your story in the comments below. We’d love to hear. I’m so truly grateful you have no idea. I would love to continue learning and growing through experiences. Please join me on this journey! And thank you kindly for reading about mine. XO

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