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move in cleanings

We specialize in move out cleanings. Getting your house ready for the market is crucial in selling your home. Doug and I have turned places from chaos into glam in a short period of time. Nothing is more important than leaving a home in good condition. It helps you receive your deposits back, achieves market sales at a much faster rate and all in all, you feel better leaving it that way!!


When our girls were growing up, we moved around the east coast a lot, giving them the versatility they own today! I don’t regret it because it allows you to learn the lifestyle. For many families, this is a tough time in their lives and if you cannot deal with the stress that comes along with cleaning a big home ( or any house for that matter ), well then…’re in luck! C + S is the business that travels anywhere in the area (and beyond) to SHINE up that space. If anything, we understand the process!!!


  • thorough dusting above doors and behind
  • bathroom + kitchen scrubbing
  • interior and exteriors appliances
  • baseboards
  • fixtures/light switches wipe down
  • patio sweeping/vacuum
  • washing of all doors and cabinets
  • interior windows on all exterior doors
  • window sills/blinds

Everything must be removed from the home. If it is not, then we can’t come in until the furniture is gone. If anything is left under sinks, etc….we will place it aside for the homeowner to pick up or toss.

We bring all supplies and cleaning equipment –

Leave The Stress + The Mess To C & S

If your new home is not empty, order the in depth cleaning package!

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