When I was little we used these caboodle things. Now a days they have exploded with storage for organizing and it can be a pretty penny too! My 18 year old daughter is the cosmetic guru. She’s been applying makeup to her face since she was 12. Not because she thought she looked prettier with it but because she battled skin problems and had no choice but to teach herself how to wear it. Of course we’d have to know something about how to organize your makeup because we have enough of it.

makeup organization
how to organize your makeup

Sure you can go purchase all kinds of units to hold your brushes, cover up, mascara, etc but you can also find things around the house and use them too!

Now my daughter (and probably a lot of other ladies out there) will go and buy expensive makeup organizers and then a month later discover that it’s truly not that functional to begin with. Myself thinking, “Yeah that’s pretty but when you start using it and throwing things back in there because you’re in a rush, it’s now messy once again!”

I think most of these organization setups are supposed to serve their purpose but only to stage. It’s not that friendly. Unless of course you’d like everything in a drawer.

organizing makeup
how to utilize makeup storage units

Wall shelves are ideal when it comes to bathrooms and vanities. Mackenzie’s dad built her an entire shelf that goes around her bed and along the side. If you can do the shelving unit and then use containers like clear glass jars it may be a better appeal than on a vanity or sink. And no one wants their cosmetics shoved in a drawer or medicine cabinet. Or maybe they do. That’s when all of these come in handy.

Using dresser drawers like pictured above is really fabulous if you have the space to do so. Look for antique pieces at sales, thrift stores, etc and do a little painting project on the weekend to get a functional makeup counter. In the long run it stores more stuff and saves you a ton of money on storage. There’s tons of DIY on creating your own little containers. I specifically like smaller jars because I like that style. But be creative in your own work space and use whatever you wish.

makeup brush holder

I mean, you could even use clear glasses or mugs from your kitchen cupboards. Check out all of these ideas.

When you start your makeup organizing project:

  • start fresh with empty, open spaces whether it’s on a shelf, in a drawer, on a vanity, etc. i always start clean. throw away old products too.
  • decide if you want to purchase storage containers or use what you have. whatever you wish ( you can even find great stuff at the dollar tree ), gather them to start putting your product away.
  • set it up according to style and size. don’t mix and match your cosmetics, keep them together.
  • keep all of your brushes separate from your makeup. i like to put them on one side of the shelf and makeup on the other side.
  • use small dishes or bowls to put your chapstick in.
  • once you organize, keep it organized

I think that’s the most important and perhaps the most difficult thing after organizing makeup or anything for that matter. It’s maintaining the change. That means put it back where you got it.

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