Interior Styling

Welcome! We are ecstatic to be offering our interior styling skills to Clean + Sassy. Victoria has a very eclectic nature. If you’re looking at a piece of furniture and thinking about throwing it away…..wait just one second! Turning something old or unwanted into treasure is our forte. Back in 2014 painting furniture came to life for us. You’d be amazed at how awesome a vintage trunk looks as a living room coffee table after it’s been cleaned up with casters and decor setting atop. It’s all about seeing it differently and using what you have. That’s what we have to offer to you, our sassy clients!

Whether you have a love for antiques, mid century modern, contemporary, country farmhouse or minimal, we create the space for you with our flea market finds and shopping your everyday home goods outlets.

EACH ROOM gets cleaned and prepped for styling. We wash all baseboards, windows and fixtures.

Package Options: COMING SOON


decluttering- the key to creating a new space is eliminating the old space. while we love keeping some items for the new design, we will have to get rid of the things we cannot use! donate, toss and hand me down!!

cleaning- we must start with a fresh clean room, so don’t stress…we have this part well under control.

shopping- if you’d like to pick out your new decor and furniture that’s totally cool….just know that we love shopping too!


a good few days is all we’ll need to complete a job. if you need multiple rooms done at once give us a week or two. hey, we want it to be perfect!


1.) clean, declutter and prep

2.) remove furniture and items from a room ( hauling not included but we will contact a company and make the arrangements )

3.) shop, hunt for deals, attend flea markets and small boutiques to search for your furniture + decor

4.) paint furniture

5.) reuse ( if there’s anything we can use in the new space from an old space we will definitely do that with your budget in mind )


1.) paint or rip down walls { we can hire someone on your behalf }

2.) haul things away ( we can arrange a company to do so )

3.) rip up carpet or install flooring

We style and decorate leaving your home with a beautiful room(s) for you to relax in and enjoy! Our style is modern with a flare of vintage interiors but you can have whatever you like. Victoria is famous for farmhouse country, distressed and rustic, industrial, mid century modern and more.