I remember when I first started making money as a house cleaner over 15 years ago. I actually did it as a side job with no clue how to run a business. Back then I charged anywhere from $8-12 an hour and thought that that was good! If only the little girl in me knew what she knew today. In my ‘successful sassy boss‘ tips, one of the first things that I talk about is having it in you! And in today’s post on How To Start Making Real Money I’m going to further discuss what I mean. In order to be your own boss, make your own money and set your own rates, YOU MUST WANT IT, YEARN for it, but most importantly, you have probably been dreaming for this day to finally come for a very long time!!

Let me go back to the WANTING this thing for a moment…..if you think it’d be nice to make a lot of money and be your own boss BUT you don’t really want to do the WORK…….this post is not for you! Come back when you are ready to HUSTLE ++++ WORK HARD.

The fact that you’re continuing to read on means that you are READY! Perhaps you have most of these in motion and need just that little extra pick me up to help you soar! (high five guys + gals).

Welcome and Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Ellllo! Most of you know me personally by Vic. If you’re new here….I’m Victoria. I started my REAL cleaning business in late 2017 and in a very short period of time I have (physically) kicked myself in the ass for not doing this almost 18 years ago. I have always found ways to be an entrepreneur and make my own money because…..to be quite frank, I hated working for big boxed companies that never moved me up fast enough (because I’m a woman) and I breathed the sassy boss life for a long time.

I’m going to share my success with you and believe me, you will be WHO YOU WANT TO BE. Trust your gut, remember that life is hard, you will succeed and YOU’VE GOT THIS!

the biggest and most valuable thing to own is faith

You’re probably thinking, ‘I don’t have time for faith, I need to make money now!’ AND I’m going to help you accomplish that a lot sooner than I had. Another’s learning experience is to your sassy advantage. Oh good! You’re still reading so I must have you locked in!

We all have a jar full of coins and we’ve all dug into it a time or two…..

How To Turn Your Coins Into Real Cash

Becoming your own boss is essential if you want to make this kind of money. It’s just a fact. Unless you’re a doctor. But you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you were. Do you already have a name for your business? Here’s 20 ways to come up with one if you have yet to do so……YES, you need a name!

Here’s what I want you to know:

  • You have to have drive and passion for whatever it is that you want to do/become! Stop wanting and start doing.
  • You have to have a business name (I’ll explain why later).
  • This is not easy. It takes work, time and dedication. It’s a REAL job making REAL money!
  • Know who your target audience is and/or who your clients are going to be.
  • Not everything is peaches and cream, you’re going to perhaps struggle (this is where faith comes in).
  • If you give up before you’ve even started you’ll never know what could have been……(me almost 18 years ago).
  • Tune out the negativity (those people saying ‘it’s just a dream’).
  • You’re going to do this because I’m here to be your positive role model.

Now that that’s out of the way! Let’s begin:

1.) Once you’ve chosen what it is that you want to do- (can be anything entrepreneurial: whether you’re selling services online, in store, blogging, starting your own brick and mortar, offering services in house, pet services, grocery services, you name it…..THE SKY’s THE LIMIT)! You can now pick a business name.

2.) Get it listed- in my own experience, Google Business is the very first place to start your internet presence. And then the list goes on. Once your business is verified by Google, you begin to get discovered. A lot of other things come into play like: hosting your own website, advertising (lots of free ways to advertise yourselves), creating social media accounts, promoting, networking, creating posts, writing blog posts on your website, getting 5 star reviews, etc, etc, etc. (more posts coming soon that will help you grow these).

3.) Create a niche- this goes back to understanding who your target audience is and who you want your clients to be. For me, I service busy professionals who have no time to clean, organize, etc. I also make myself stand out from my competitors. People like you for who you are. As long as they see your drive and passion, they will hire you! Your visual presence is so important.

4.) Be fun- have a personality and smile a lot. Interaction is key to getting yourselves out there whether it’s online, or at a clients home, in emails, etc.

5.) Give them something they cannot refuse- if you do your research and you definitely will, you’ll be able to create ie: a deal, a different style, something that they want, a guarantee, etc.

Now……before we move on, I just want to elaborate on what it is that you can do to start making more money. I’m sure you have in the back of your mind a prettttty good idea of what it is that you want to do, am I right? If not, no worries…hang tight!

I don’t remember where I read this but I was scrolling Pinterest when I saw a photo that caught my eye……It was about ‘HOW TO MAKE MONEY‘ and so I clicked on it and truthfully, it inspired me to write this post here! AND I’ll tell you why!!! Because she LIED. Or maybe she didn’t lie, she just didn’t know that you could make money this way.

OH! What way? She said you COULD NOT make money off a FREE BLOG! Wait……WHHHHHHHATTTTTTT……….Um! Hello. I DID. Yes, ma’am, yes sir. 


You just have to be creative enough to do it. And I was. I had a free blog on blogger (now I use WP but that’s another story) and I placed ads on the right sidebar like every other blogger in the whole entire frickin’ WebSphere and I also teamed up with other bloggers to write E-Books + Online Classes. My name wasn’t even that great and I made money, so imagine if you nailed a great blog name for your business and did what I did to make some fast cash. Yeah, you can make money off a free site….you just have to know how to be smarter than the computer.

If you’re truly interested in more details about that….leave a comment below and I will help you GROW.

Moving on to bigger and better things….I got bored with my life (I’m a big fat GEMINI) and I often switch my lifestyle up more frequently than any other human being. Today, I make money off of services that we offer and go to their home to do it. I set my own rates and do my own thing, the way I like. It took me a long time to come to grips with really being my own boss because I always did what other people wanted me to do instead of what I truly wanted to do. If that makes any sense or may sound just like you!

The other thing that I had to do was put my foot down in terms of monies. And how you do this is-

  • set price points for your services/items for sale, etc
  • stick with those prices (people will still try to nickle and dime you but you’ll be right back at $8-10 an hour if you let them talk you down)
  • learn to say no! I’m finally at a good place in terms of saying ‘no, that’s not included’……you have to stop agreeing to things and start making money……if they want something done ( or included ), they need to pay extra
  • know when to walk away. not all deals are groovy and there’s plenty of fish in the sea…..bye
  • stand out from your competitors…..if you want to charge a lot, offer them a lot. good services mean top dollar
  • create rules- of course every business is different but equally manageable if you help your customers understand ‘the rules’
  • always get payment before you send the goods……if you offer a service, payment is due at the time of service ( this avoids late payments, non payments )

Timing. Timing is everything when you want to earn more money. Not every service is by the hour. In fact, more companies offer flat rate service fees because the service they offer is in high demand, they bring their own equipment and their guarantee is one hundred.

Here’s a great list of jobs that will help you decide whether being your own boss is right for you and these listed job descriptions are certainly ones that will help you get the $65/more an hour figure. And what do you know……cleaning is listed #3. No I don’t offer those types of services, I offer these types of services……silly!

You’ve Got To Be All In

People who make a lot of money go above and beyond. Even if it’s just a little extra scrubbing to remove something hard to come off……if you accomplish a job well done……your clients will appreciate you so much more than your manager would at that minimum wage job. Quit your shitty job and start earning a real living where customers actually appreciate your work ethics.


Not all cleaners are created equal. I’ve said this since I started this business and I’ll say it until the day I end it. Not all businesses are created equal. You can start the same business your competitor started and DO IT BETTER. I’m sorry but I ain’t no spot cleaner! I’m not perfect but at least I wipe your bathroom baseboards and stick my entire head behind your toilet to get it cleaned/sanitized. Same goes for clothing shops online……grab a style and create a better one than your next door neighbor.

Never be afraid of your competition. The real way to make money is to LOVE what you do. People see that and they will hire you over the next…..so be sure about what type of industry you want to be in and do it with PASSION. There’s no greater advice than that right there.

Once you’ve got all that in order……promote your awesome business like hell. We don’t work 8 hour days anymore……it’s around the clock. Day and night. But hey, the money is so worth it! I’m going to share an interesting Pinterest post with you soon. It’s how I achieved over a million monthly viewers in a very short period of time and how it helps me get more business. I also want to create more posts on how to blog, social media, etc, etc…..after all, I did do a fabulous job making money off a free blog that offered those tutorials. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t listen to everyone on the web saying you can’t do this, blah, blah blah…..DID I MENTION THAT YOU ARE WORTHY OF CREATIVITY?! You are. I didn’t know that I was until I dug deep and knew what I wanted to be in this life. Hey, I may not know how to create my own coffee mugs but I do know how to scrub a tub!

Until next time……we’ll catch ya in the sassy lane.

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