If you have yet to join my weekly decluttering challenge, here’s the chance to latch on and never look back! I was anxious for the new year to start so that I could do an entire series that will help you live a better life by essentially getting rid of the mess! I am PROUD to announce that my weekly running around the house decluttering has paid off and now I only have to do this once every couple of weeks. Once you get into the habit, you’ll see a dramatic difference in your lifestyle and feel so much better about your living situations. Speed cleaning has become something that I have to do. I only have a day or two to clean my own home since I’m so busy during the week cleaning everyone else’s.

How To Speed Clean Your Living Space Fast + Easy

Go ahead….we’ll wait while you go make your bed! If you already had it made….you go sassy boss!!! { should take about 2 mins }

Okay, let’s start speed cleaning my friends

1.) Grab a garbage bag- start by carrying a garbage bag from room to room and throw things away that: you barely use, never use or think you’ll someday use! Just throw it away. I go to the bathrooms and check drawers, the shower for near empty bottles, old bars of soap, under the cabinets for barely used items, medicine cabinets for things that are expired, etc…..and don’t forget to empty the trash can even if it’s not full, empty it anyways! (sassy boss rules). Follow this step in each room. { 3-4 minutes } The idea is to do it FAST…that way you don’t have time to THINK…just TOSS.

2.) Dust off your furniture- grab a microfiber cloth or a dust cloth like this and run it across the dressers, tv’s, shelves, etc. { 2 mins }

3.) Toss the laundry in the wash and separate dirty whites from colors in the laundry area. While the load is running you can start vacuuming all the floors and loading the dishwasher if need be. { 4 mins }

4.) Remove any throw blankets from the sofa/living space and put them in wire baskets or closets. { 1 minute }

5.) Clear off the dining room table if it has anything on it and wipe it down with BB all purpose cleaner. { 2 minutes }

6.) Fold the dryer clothes. { 3-4 minutes }

7.) Declutter the counter tops and put all the dishes away. { 4 minutes }

8.) Steam mop or microfiber cloth mop your floors. { 3 minutes }

and while you’re at it…..enjoy yourself

9.) Clean the toilets, sinks and mirrors in one simple step…..squirt the toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet, let it sit while you clean the sink and mirrors with just water, wipe out the shower and bathtub with a damp microfiber cloth. Then clean the toilet last. { 4 minutes }

10.) Wipe down all appliances and window sills (if needed), clean the front door area where shoes and coats go, etc….. { 2 minutes }

That’s good enough for today…….everything should not take that much time if you’re maintaining a weekly house cleaning as recommended. Once you start this, it’ll get easier and better and trust me….it’ll become a LIFESTYLE not a daunting task.

For more cleaning tips and how to’s, subscribe to our blog! Share in the comments below how you speed clean.

Also, when your home is clean all/most of the time, your life instantly becomes more sane!

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