One of the things that prevents a lot of people from organizing in the first place is the word itself. Today we’re going to learn how to simplify organizing¬† because we don’t want you to fear the thought in general. There’s several ways to tackle ‘getting organized’ but I want to focus on the main things:

1.) You can do it with little to no money (budget friendly)

2.) You don’t need to put a ton of thought into it

When I saw that my own home was getting ‘out of control’, I thought, “Oh, no, no, no, no….this doesn’t happen to the cleaning lady!”


It happens to all of us. We’re all human and we all let LIFE come in between our organizing skills. It’s how we respond that will make us happier to be around and that’s not a myth. It is indeed a fact. Clean, organized homes make people less stressed and in good moods.

Kitchens and bathrooms almost always get lost in the focus of our everyday lives because we use them the most. To prevent an overload of clutter, remember to keep these high traffic areas in your home in mind when it comes to organizing. It doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal and it certainly doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time.

Whenever I’m out and about I always look for deals. The blue and yellow jars from Michael’s were on clearance for $2 and they were perfect for holding utensils. We don’t have a lot of fancy stuff in our kitchen because we’re very simple, we live frugally and somehow spending an arm and a leg on storage doesn’t make sense to me. That’s how I simplify my organizing, so I use things wherever I can use them.

In order to simplify, we need to declutter. So first things first:

-Empty your cabinets completely to start fresh

-Toss things you barely use. For instance, we only use a certain set of mugs, glasses and plates each and everyday. We all have those favorite pieces. Keep them and set aside the stuff you don’t need in your cupboards. If you want to keep them for larger dinner parties, fine (find some other place for them for now). Right now all you want in your cabinets are things you use daily.

Once you have separated the dishes from the keep pile to the toss pile we can simply organize the space. I don’t use anything in my cupboards to organize because I like to see my things as is. There’s really no other way to style your cabinet items except to just line them up neatly and remember to put them back that way after every use. The PROBLEM is when we get busy, we just throw them in there!

Now we just have to clean it up a bit to get it to where we’re happy! I certainly wasn’t happy when I grabbed a mug for morning coffee because it was a mess. I took 20 minutes out of my morning to turn this before pic into this after pic:

It’s really just about organizing it to prevent a cluttered mess like before. And it’s really about just making it SIMPLE! You don’t need to purchase things to organize. You just need to envision it differently. So 2 things to remember:

1.) don’t waste too much time ‘thinking about how to organize’-just do it

2.) don’t go purchasing things to organize when you can use things a.) you already have and b.) placing things in a neat format goes a long way!

How do you clean up in a hurry?


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