For many of us the words SPRING CLEANING can be intimidating, scary and even anxiety driven but thankfully the Clean and Sassy team is here to help! I’m writing this to ease your mind. Get the family involved in a fun way so that the house is smelling fresh for the upcoming warmer months. This is a great post on how to prepare for spring cleaning and we also have some fabulous spring cleaning tips that you will absolutely love. 

There’s always a little prepping before any big cleaning job! Spring cleaning is no exception. First things first. Let’s decide on a time that works perfect for your busy lifestyle and set goals to finish by the end of the week. Mark your calendars, set the alarms on your phones; we’re gonna make our homes less messy and more sanctuary.


There’s no better feeling than that of an open window brushing breezy winds in while reading a book in the cozy part of your home!!!

So why the need to PREP? Well there’s many who just shoot into spring cleaning and that works for them but for the ones who keep pushing it off, this will help them stop procrastinating and start pushing that stuff right out the door. It’s all about steps, taking control and renewal.

Spring Cleaning With Clean and Sassy

Rule Number 1: Take a step back and look at your rooms. While standing there looking around, just take a moment to breathe in what you have lying around, what have you accumulated over this past year? Take a mental note of how you want this room to look for the upcoming months.

Rule Number 2: Don’t stress. We’re in this together. Let’s take a deep breath and remember how important it is to you and your family to have a home that you all appreciate and love coming home to.

Rule Number 3: Walk Out of the room. After you’ve taken everything in, let’s get to actually working on these next few steps!

1.) Remember those zip lock totes I’m always talking about? Well they’re going to help tremendously here as well. There’s always 3 things I keep in the house for storage: big plastic totes with lids, bins and baskets and my old comforter bags. These come in handy when I want to store things away for awhile. They’re also great because they don’t take up that much space and they usually fit on shelves in the closets. So you should have those if you don’t already.

2.) Everyone usually has some type of bags in their home. I never really keep plastic bags in the house because they’re annoying but I always keep the durable handled bags you get from a retail shop. Ones like these.

Here’s what you do with them:

-take the bag into the room that you are going to prep to get ready for cleaning…..unload all of your drawers, under the sink and medicine cabinets by removing anything you don’t need and/or use by dumping it into the bag. Speed cleaning is great for this. It really gets you in the mood, pumped for the warmer weather.

This eliminates a lot of clutter and even if it’s something you don’t know if you’ll use again, place it in the bag. ONLY keep what you use on the daily! Shove the rest in the bag so you can either toss it or give to someone else or store away in a storage bin. Take the bag out to the kitchen or laundry room so you can separate trash items and the items you may want to keep. This goes for bedrooms and kitchens, etc too! Do the same thing in each room.

3.) Now that you’ve tossed everything you don’t need or use into the brown bag (you can either separate it now or later) you can start getting ready to clean. The whole point of ‘spring cleaning‘ is to clean out! Take big items like unwanted furniture, clothing and donation items to a clothing drop off or salvation army. This eliminates all big things getting in your way! I typically get tired of looking at something and immediately place on FB marketplace or just throw in the dumpster. If you can’t up-cycle, reuse in another room or get some money out of it, throw it away!

Spring Cleaning Like

4.) Organize all of your cleaning supplies in one area. This is going to help clean each room. The clutter has been removed and you’re technically ready to move onto the actual cleaning part.

I have a list of things I always keep on hand for cleaning especially this time of year:

-Clorox Bleach (the brand name only), Paper Towels, Dawn Dish Soap (blue), Lysol Wipes, Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Garbage Bags

5.)  Take One Room At a Time. Based on my cleaning experience, I focus on one room at a time. That’s why I mentioned in the second paragraph that by the end of the week you should be golden! This gives you freedom with cleaning so it’s not overwhelming and helps you target the areas that need more detail.

Now that the clutter is eliminated, let’s start the actual cleaning! 

I’ve added a post on tips for spring cleaning. Feel free to ask any questions. I hope this helps you get ready for a fresh new year!! Follow us on FB @cleanandsassy. 


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