How To Prepare For The House Cleaner

At Clean and Sassy we work with our clients to give you the desired outcome your home deserves. Here’s how you can prepare for the cleaner. If there are tasks that you’re unable to do before we get there, just let us know. We’ll take care of you no matter what.

1.) Pick up any dirty laundry and place aside in a basket. If you want us to throw a load in while we are there cleaning just put it next to the empty wash machine.

2.) Strip the bedding and place new linens out if we are changing beds.

Before The House Cleaner Arrives

3.) Put all personal items away. For ex: gadgets, utility bills and mail, important papers, and things we don’t need to see.

4.) Secure any pets.

That’s it. We don’t ask for much. Just help us help you live a healthier lifestyle. We’re always happy to do extras, just ask. If you cannot prep the home before we arrive, we understand and will take care of everything. Just give us a heads up if you can!

how to prepare for the house cleaner

Feel free to read our detailed post about how you can get ready for the house cleaner. It helps to understand how we can feel welcome in your homes!

If you have any questions, please ask. We’re always happy to service you.