Hey guys! I am super excited to keep practicing minimalism because it’s such a healthier way to live. I’ve noticed such a dramatic difference in the way that I view life and things in general. This is a really good post if you know someone struggling with letting go, maybe you yourself really needs inspiration on becoming more minimal. In either case, allow me to share ways that you can have/buy things and still live like a minimalist.

how to practice minimalism
with everything in life…..there must be balance

I’m the type of person that loves getting rid of old things and in return, replacing them with new, better things. Someone used to say that I was really dumb for always letting things go and getting rid of my ‘stuff’. And to this day, I continue to live that way! It’s about what I like to do and how I manage my lifestyle, my sanity and it’s also therapy for me. If I choose to hang on to things that perhaps hold me back, what is the purpose of ever trying to flourish. Life has an expiration date. And so do ‘things’.

I’ve never had the same furniture for more than a year. The same clothing, shoes, art…..okay, I’ve held on to some really decent art pics but for the most part, I always renew. I’ve always held on to my photos. Those are irreplaceable. That’s NOT something you should ever toss. Obviously. My daughters sentimental items from the hospital, etc….etc…..

We’re talking about THINGS that truly have NO purpose being in your homes or your lives for that matter. Join us in our weekly decluttering routine if you have yet to do so! It’s actually a great way to relieve stress and feel better immediately.

closets like these happen when you have less

So what are some ways that you can live the minimal lifestyle and still purchase/do the things you love:

  • you can’t buy something new unless you get rid of 5 items- 5 to 1…..one new item if you toss 5 things you don’t need
  • impulse buying is not a way of life it just causes mo’ stress- stop buying things just because and really ask yourself if you need it. PRO TIP: put whatever you want in the shopping cart and then walk the entire store with it, sort what you can live without before you check out…..removing items you don’t need ( it’s kinda like shopping but not really )
  • form a really fun exchange event between family + friends- being able to exchange things ( books, purses, dishes, etc ) amongst each other is a great way to remove the clutter but get something new at the same time: for instance- you know the item your sister is going to give you is worth more than what you have, so bundle more items to give to her to make it even…..make sense?

Capture Moments Not Things

  • instead of purchasing things, spend time at an animal shelter, pet shops and coffee houses- doing quality things rather than spending money on stuff
  • take a moment to actually appreciate- I often find myself second guessing my impulse purchases, just because something is cute…..with wait a minute; I have a table already and I actually enjoy it very much
  • remember that you chose to practice minimalism and you know that the reward is much greater than ‘things’
  • less is more
  • use party supplies and fun things you like to keep year after year in check- these holiday boxes need to be gone through every once in a while and remove anything that is outdated, doesn’t belong or has no purpose any longer ( this actually helps you realize what you already have )
  • take up extra fun hobbies- shopping is a day of the past……go on a photo shoot, plant some seeds, take a hike, nature gaze, pet sitting, simple coffee dates ( these things replace that spending craving ) these THINGS turn into moments not stuff ( I realize I repeated myself but you may need reiterating, LOL )
how to replace things with moments

People that own a lot of stuff don’t typically think about it. They’re filling a void, and not really understanding the reason behind it. Just like me, we all have issues and I tend to toss mine to delete + move on…….some of you hold onto it and actually feel like it has to be there for you to LIVE.

Ask yourselves a serious question:

If I wake up in the morning and all of my stuff is gone, does that mean I am non existent.

The answer is, you are! You were born with nothing and you leave with nothing so why spend your days with everything that means nothing?!

I know all of this is a lot harder for some……it’s all about a lifestyle change. It’s about learning and discovering a new you! Perhaps it can be therapy for you like it is me. I challenge you to be more of a minimalist this year and still find ways to enjoy ‘things’ without creating big messes.

Tell us how you practice minimalism and if you haven’t, what are your hopes for the new year!? Do you want to understand what it is? I’m happy to answer any questions in the comments. Oh, and don’t be afraid to open up about anything. This is all life stuff. We’ve all encountered things and need support.

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