Hello friends! My life as a blogger has been scattered but I recently shared that I wanted to be more of a full timer this year and get back into the groove of sharing posts that will give you a better sense of how to accomplish those same goals. I started roughly eight years ago and throughout this time I’ve had numerous blogs on two different platforms. No matter what, time management is key in the growth and success of your blog as far as business goes. Here’s a great post about how to become your own sassy boss if you’d like to start making money as a blogger. I will surely help you.

Planning and organization have been two important factors in my life. I’ve really been able to focus on both of these, these past two years. It’s one of those things that we struggle with as bloggers and even in our personal lives. I’m the type of person that just knows when something needs to be done. However, as I grow into this new career, I’m learning that time management has a lot to do with the success of this business. Whether you own a business website or wish to be a full time blogger and earn an income from that, this will hopefully help you flourish. That’s the goal, eh!?

How To Manage Time As A Full Time Blogger

Success can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. As far as blogging goes, you’d like to grow in order to possibly earn a living off of your website. Full time bloggers may also like to just share their daily lifestyles and be totally against ads, etc…..whatever the case may be, you’ll need some help with ways to post often.

Posting daily throughout the week is key. It’s often that bloggers will take a break on the weekends or semi-mini breaks throughout the year but typically they are posting frequently. I’ve never witnessed a successful blogger going a-wall. In order to accomplish posting enough, you need to plan ahead and organize your day to day activities.

  • Have things to post about- you’ll need to have plenty of topics to write about. This sometimes creates those a-wall bloggers that I mentioned above. You want to prevent throwing non-sense posts out and really come up with good content. If anything, posting frequently throughout the week (at least 1 post/day) will have you landing the full time blogger status in no time. But to be sure that you don’t fall off track-create a list each week of new topics. This has helped me tremendously. Write it down when you think of it. Because if you think you’ll remember it later….you won’t, trust me.
  • Know when you’ll be able to post. Most of the time, I write on my days off. Since I create my own schedule, I know when I’ll be able to sit down and blog. If you have Saturdays off, be prepared to organize all those posts in draft for the upcoming weeks.
  • Blog ahead of time. Scheduling posts will be a life savor once you get really busy and find no strength to do it on your days off. Going back to the ‘having things to write about’ you’ll want to whip up drafts even if they don’t have a lot of thought because this will entice you to get them up and going.

Yes, I know….my laptop is old. But so is the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it!”

Time management is all about success, feeling accomplished and completing what you wanted finished. I love blogging, so for me it’s a driven passion. I think if you’re a full time blogger looking to make it something more than it is now, you’ll want to invest in how you go about posting.

The Truth About Bloggers : they breathe, sweat and think about it non stop, all day long! They live the blogger lifestyle-

If that sounds like you, you’re a real blogger. And even if it doesn’t sound like you, and you want to become….you will definitely be breathing it soon enough.

Finding The Time To Have The Time

Sound confusing? It’s not. We have to find time to have time in order to do what we want to do. For instance: It takes a lot of time to create good posts. I can spend hours on a blog post that I’m getting ready to publish because not all posts are created equal. ( I say that enough in my business life- not all cleaners are created equal!) I’m much different. I like to display good photos when it comes to sharing things and editing is time consuming. So is writing. And then comes proof reading and proof reading again. Never publish things just to publish. Take your time and do it proper the first time and you’ll be successful in the long run.

On the days that I am working, I get up at least 2 hours before I have to leave the house so that I have plenty of time to read emails, answer messages, and write/edit blog posts. I tend to take breaks in between writing because it helps me breathe again. I can gather my thoughts on what I want the post to actually be and this allows for a rather decent post.

One Day……is all you need

At least one day a week is for absolutely NOTHING- if you make it habit to take a break from real life, work life and even blog life at least once during the week then you’ll be successfully sane! Trust me on this. Leave one day to rejuve.

To be considered a full time blogger one must post enough. Going back to creating ways to post often throughout the week to manage the lifestyle of work and play {so to speak}. It takes roughly 2-3 hours to write a good post. I’m an experienced blogger who knows how long it takes and if anyone tries to tell you otherwise…..in a shorter time frame, they don’t know sh*t. Having that much time to spend on your blog will give you the desired outcome you’re looking for.

  • Figure out what time of day is best for your work schedule, your home life, etc, etc. Like I mentioned earlier, I set aside 2 hours each morning before I head out and then I prepare my blog posts on days off as well. So all in all about 2 hours each day plus one full day each week to dedicate to blogging!
  • Write down all potential topics and reminders that will help you be able to post more. Sometimes I find myself writing a note to myself not to forget to blog…..it’s just important to write things down sometimes.
  • I’m not an app person but here’s some fab ones to help you keep up with the day to day.
  • Give up something that’s less important. The girls and I were spending way too much money when we went out and about on the weekends (just to do something) and currently we’re finding that we have more time to do things around the house that don’t cost any more money. If you let something go and dedicate more time to your home life, you’ll be more interested in growing your blog life.
  • Work and Blog at the same time. It’s such an easy thing to do if you learn how to do it. Everyone gets a break at work, right?! Well, some people. My work consists of having to share things while I’m working so I take a moment to snap a few photos, log into WP and create a quick draft so that I’m not apt to forget about it later. Do it on your lunch break, your coffee break…..before or right after work.
  • Always be ahead of the game. While typing this post, I’m thinking of future posts because this is the time where I get to sit down, type, think and create. When you have the time, take advantage of it.

I just quickly typed in Google – time management for blogging – and read a brief post that someone ( I won’t mention names ) just jotted down a bunch of nonsense crap to get you to read her blog. The title of one of the ways listed had an ERROR in it and I quickly back flashed outta there. LIKE, HELLO…..I can’t understand what you’re trying to say and then one other ( I had enough time to see 2 of her ideas ) way was to remember that everything didn’t need to be perfect?! Wait. What. Huh? I’m here to tell you while this may be true to some degree…..just throwing posts out there will have your readers unsubscribing or not subscribing at all if you do not pay attention to what + how you are posting!!! PRO TIP.

Follow These Simple Steps To Manage Your Time While Working Like A Boss + Owning The Blogger Lifestyle Status

  • know what time of day works best for you and set aside at least 2 hours before you head out for blogging/blog related stuff
  • keep written notes to remind you of blog topics
  • whip up several drafts on your days off
  • schedule posts- having these to fall back on will save you immensely
  • keep albums on your phone for post photos only
  • write it on a calendar, get an app, or have someone remind you to blog
  • have a coffee date- with your laptop silly
  • look forward to it- there’s nothing better than a passion
  • use downtime to your advantage
  • ever need a best friend- your blog is it
  • love what you do- when you find something you love, pour your heart and soul into it
  • take at least one day off per week and leave the rest for workaholics
  • gather ideas
  • don’t just throw- take your time….post worthy is better than scurfy
  • have fun- a blog that has personality shows

If you’re looking for ways to build your blog life up….stay tuned, read our past posts and subscribe to our blog. We love cleaning, sharing blog tips, how to make more money and all things home life! Thanks for being here and as always, stay sassy.

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