I think I started my Instagram account way back in 2014 or something and used it primarily to keep a diary of my photos. Probably much like you?! As the years went by and I learned more about the social media site, I grew interest in making it be something more than just photos. Changing my profile name multiple times and then finally transferred it to a business type of account so that I could share my love for coffee and still make money. Although I don’t currently use it for income, I’m going to share with you how to make money on Instagram without having a huge following.

how to make money on instagram

The account that I made money on was Coffee Addict Mama. It was short lived and perhaps I’ll start something on there again but I did not have big numbers in terms of followers, etc. The rhythm of Instagram and any other social media site is all about how you use it + how frequently you use it! Learn how to make money fast and how to become your own boss.

How To Make Money On Instagram Fast Without Many Followers

  • Start an account just for selling purposes (can be personal or business) a business account is more professional and comes directly from your FB page account: you can find this in the settings on your IG
  • Choose a name that coordinates with what you want to sell- something catchy and fun
  • Use the bio info to your benefit: good profile pics and descriptions are what people see first! Make it attractive and to the point. Now IG allows you to use hashtags in the bio but limit it. Don’t go hashtag crazy
  • Take good photos. I cannot tell you how important it is to just capture the item you want to sell. Photo props are a huge plus. Do make sure you describe what it is for sale and if something in the pic is not, let them know
  • Use up to 30 hashtags for each photo you post in the description area or in a separate comment on that post. I keep it between 20-25 because I don’t like the overwhelm

Start posting photos using those hashtags and good descriptions of your listed item. After you have some photos posted and items listed for sale:

  • Start following like minded accounts. This will also help build your account following.
  • Promote your new IG on other social media platforms.
  • DM interested buyers quickly. Good communication means quick sales.
  • Set rules ex: USA only shipping, discounts on multiple orders, what shipping service you use, how it will be handled if something breaks, etc, etc, etc. These things can be described in your bio/posts.

There are tons of apps that help you sell on IG- here’s just a few

  • like to know it is an app that allows followers to like the photo and shop directly from the like to know it app-here’s a complete run down because this is not something I specialize in and want you to have the proper information (I personally do not use it!)
  • have to have it– provides analytics for you to better understand where your customers derive from. Not something I’ve ever used because I like selling stuff without memberships but something to look into if you want to sell a ton and give your followers a sense of security
  • like shop– Dash Hudson’s like shop provides a way for your followers to instantly become customers. I personally have never tried any of these apps but for someone looking to sell, sell, sell……perhaps these aren’t bad ways to try!

The Way I Made Money On Insta

I’m one who gets more sales from FREE sites than any other selling platform online. Facebook and Instagram being my only go to’s when I want to sell my stuff. Marketplace, FB pages, Groups and Instagram Feeds have led me to more sales with little to no following just because of the hashtags I have used!

Now the way to make a lot of money is by posting like this:

  • frequent posts throughout the day will give you more views, likes and eventually sales- do not be afraid to overwhelm your followers however, don’t go bat shit crazy posting more than 5 posts in one day!
  • share pics and descriptions in your stories- stories is there for you to post, post, post without feeling like you’re putting out too much- the great thing about stories is that it allows you to share the pic of the items you are trying to sell, tell them a little about it and then also let them know there is a new post describing what’s for sale……
  • re-post your pics of items that haven’t sold in one week- it’s okay to re-post items that still need to be sold
  • either have your customers comment ‘SOLD’ under the pic or delete the photo once it has sold to keep things under control as far as sales go
  • post pics of success- followers/customers want to see how you package items that have been sold…..congratulate them by tagging them in a post and mention their item is in the mail (this forms a great communication with your fellow igers)
  • offer giveaways- something I tend to do when sales are slow is post one item up for grabs. there are tons of hashtags for #giveaways and everyone loves a #freebie (this creates yet another great way to earn customers and more followers)
  • share your posts on other accounts
  • link high tagged items in your bio- for instance: if I want to sell my coffee scrubs, post the pic of the item you want to sell and then click on that pic to grab the link and post that link in your bio…..

Consistency + Hashtags

This is by far the absolute fastest way to create money flow on Instagram. Being consistent with your postings and using the proper hashtags. It’s really that SIMPLE. I’ve always often reverted to the easy things in life. Is there a way, yes! It’s all about how you go about something. Really anything in life. Be Creative. Be Fun. Post Often.

Last but not least figure out how you want to be PAID! I use PAYPAL. It’s the easiest for me because now PayPal allows you to create your own link, driving monies directly to your account. I use it for my small business account and personal selling on social media accounts. I’ve never had an issue and my clients enjoy paying this way. On IG I have always shared the link in private messages with buyers because that prevents multiple people trying to buy an item that there’s only ONE of. If you have ten of the same items up for sale then sure, put your direct checkout link in your bio. Either way, stay on top of communication and respond in a timely fashion when it comes to potential buyers.

I hope that helps you get started to making money on IG. If you have any questions please comment below!!!!! XOXO as always, stay sassy

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