There’s no way to really start your day until you make the bed, says who? Studies have shown that people who make their beds feel more accomplished, and in turn, improves your overall health. According to a survey, bed makers are more likely to follow routines and such. In all of my years, I have noticed an increase in these bed making habits because it does have a positive effect on our household. Today, I want to share a simple, easy way to make your beds without feeling overwhelmed.

The reason so many people dislike bed making is because the wrong things are on your bed to begin with. When we moved to South Carolina last year, I decided that we were no longer going to have flat sheets. I purchased a platform bed from Wayfair, a memory foam mattress and a protective cover. I then searched for the best, affordable sheets to make our new beds and Target has the fitted white sheets with elastic that are long lasting, cool, comfortable and easy to make. There really was no point in having a flat sheet anymore.

For those that enjoy having the flat sheet feeling on their skin, just know that if you have the correct blanket, you won’t need the actual sheet to cover you! So many of us live by what we’re used to. It really doesn’t have to be all that specific. And there doesn’t have to be so many additional, unnecessary steps to proper bed making.


( always start with fresh, clean linens )

  • you will need- a mattress pad or cover, fitted sheet, duvet or blanket of your choice, pillow cases, decorative pillows ( often times I leave the decor pieces out )
  • place pad on your mattress followed by your fitted sheet ( these sheets are labeled TOP/BOTTOM )
  • finding the right blanket to accommodate both your comfort levels and bed making goals is totally up to you- for me, I choose simplicity and blankets such as these for easy bed making followed by a comforter or duvet of your choice is simple enough or better yet, they work lovely ‘as is’
  • throw at least 4 pillows on the bed with white cases and a max of 3 decorative pillows to complete your bed making for the day

My bed making is very simple. I use a metal platform bed with no headboard and how this has changed my life is incredible. The type of bed frames you have is always going to play a key role in your bed making. If you have a headboard and some bulky side rails, it makes bed making harder.

This is just another key element in my minimalistic lifestyle. Attaching a fitted sheet has never been easier.

I use a Simply Shabby Chic white comforter to lay on top of our fitted sheet and tuck all the ends under. This just makes it look classier and you can really appreciate the metal framed bed. Add a throw on the end or leave blank. Either way your bed is made after simply throwing the blanket on and tucking the ends underneath.

However you want to look at this, I can assure there is no better feeling than making your bed for the day. Once you start this habit it really improves your overall lifestyle. The day actually runs smoother, you’re on top of the world and at the end of the day you crawl into a clean, made bed!

How’s that for simplicity?! Share your bed making skills below. We’d love to hear. Happy bed making.

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