We live in an older apartment that doesn’t receive good air flow. Allow me to mention that we also only have one entry way. Yes, one door to get in and out. It’s super claustrophobic and I truly miss having a sliding glass door with a screen attached. The windows were originally hard to open, so we cleaned and opened all of them when we first moved in. Aside from having limited oxygen, the windows get misty and fog. Really not healthy nor attractive. So, how do you keep your home smelling fresh? I’m going to share my tips on maintaining a good air flow and include you in on some secrets that have guests asking, ‘What’s that smell….’ It’s obviously a really good one.

  • Open your windows and doors. Your home harbors the most dangerous toxins we breathe. We need to breathe in air from the outside. Air your house out weekly. Also run fans while you open them to get the flow running smoothly.
  • Get plants that produce oxygen. Peace lilies, water plants and house plants bring in good, quality air. You have no idea how fantastic it smells after adding plants to your homes. Keep them healthy. Because if you don’t take care of them properly this can cause bugs and rotten odors. We’re going for good smells guys!
  • Clean everyday. It’s really truly important to pick the house up daily. You don’t have to deep clean every single day but maintain a healthy home by cleaning. Wipe down counter tops often, surfaces that attract dust need to be lightly dusted using a microfiber cloth, open the blinds and allow the natural light to come in. Empty the trash in every room everyday. We take our garbage out daily and I make sure that each bathroom doesn’t have an overload of garbage. Makes such a difference in smells. Floors need to be vacuumed and mopped more than once a week.
  • Don’t mask. By this, I mean do not try to hide odors by lighting a bunch of candles and smelly scents. I use a wax burner in both of our bathrooms because I love good smells but I ONLY allow them to burn for a maximum of 1 hour. The lingering smell lasts all day and night and it’s not OVERWHELMING. I want a clean, fresh smell when I walk into the house not an overpowered fragrance that is mixed in with harsh odors from a dirty house. These scented options only work if you clean, then burn. Plus they’re a waste of money if you do not use properly. My candle tip: having candles in the home that aren’t lit smell fresher and release no toxins. Buy candles, but don’t light them.
  • Wash your linens weekly. You have to clean your sheets and blankets my friends. The sweat, dead cells and odors that come from our beds is not attractive. Wash your clothes and linens each week! I prefer white sheets and light duvets that are easy to clean. Our mattresses always have protective pads on them to prevent dust mites and stains. Washing these 1X a week will eliminate odors like you wouldn’t believe.

Other tips that help keep your homes smelling fresh-

Don’t smoke, wear shoes in the house or allow your pets to go un-bathed. These tips will help your homes quality of breathing improve immensely.

If you’re anything like me and sensitive to smells then a fresh, clean home is what we’re going for. I love the vibe it brings in also. There’s really a sense of good Feng Shui when your home is able to breathe. It’s like a weight is lifted and you can take a deep breath. If your throw pillows get a funky smell just lightly rub a damp cloth with dawn dish soap and warm water over them and allow to air dry. You can spritz with essential oil mist as well.

How do you maintain a fresh clean home throughout?! We’d love to hear. Leave your comments below!!

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