Hi Guys!!! Yes, I’m bringing the internal cleansing to the blog. I thought long and hard about what I want for this website + business. My background in blogging speaks to me daily, telling me there’s something more to offer. The clean portion of this site doesn’t have to be about ‘house cleaning‘ only, it can also be about soul searching, beauty and taking care of yourself. How to go poo naturally came up when my youngest daughter was here for the weekend and we were talking from room to room while I was going potty….we all do it, come on! Anyways, a good portion of my life I have struggled with digestion and constipation. So without further ado, here’s how I go to the bathroom all naturally!

natural ways to clean your system out

I’ll be completely honest with you!! Over the years I have used over the counter remedies and it shot my insides like you wouldn’t believe. You cannot take laxatives, stool softeners or anything toxic because it only causes MORE problems. I only learned this the older I got and the more I realized that I need to love and take care of my body, naturally!!!

How To Go Poo Naturally

First thing in the morning drink coffee. I switched to all black almost a year ago and it’s made a huge difference in my digestive system. Tea is fine too. But also drink a glass of lemon water. I almost always keep fresh lemons in the house for this very reason!

  • slice the lemon and put a few good pieces in a glass
  • fill halfway with ice
  • pour water in to the top

As you’re enjoying your morning coffee or tea, simply enjoy fresh water as well. The lemon is a natural detox. It aids in healthy digestion. Do not try with lemon juice, it needs to be a fresh lemon.

If you have been constipated for days there will be a day you will poop. I have learned not to force it. If I am not able to go before I leave the house, then go about your business! It’s not healthy to force something that is supposed to be natural. If I feel like I need to release it, then I squirt even more fresh lemon into my glass of water. The only thing that will instantly relieve it is drinking more water.

Yes, I know! I hate drinking water too. It’s as frustrating as the dog not pooping when you want him to. That’s why I add the lemon. Once you get used to drinking lemon water……trust me, you’ll love your insides again.

Get in the habit by purchasing fresh lemons when you go to the grocery store and leave them in the wide open in the fridge….DO NOT put them in drawers. You will just forget they are there.

That’s all! Remember to drink water and coffee. Coffee is a natural laxative and lemon water is a detoxing cleanse. Go poop. Naturally!

How do you go to the bathroom. What are your struggles, share in the comments below.

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