When I had my gallbladder removed I thought for sure that that would kick my weight into gear and I’d begin to lose again. It’s been nearly a year and I’m still stuck in that stand still mode that I couldn’t quite toss to the curb. Until I (once again) learned more about my body and forced trained it to do what I wanted, not what it wants! Our bodies are truly a unique machine and they need to be treated properly. I always say, “I know my body!” This year I’m bringing a health + beauty category here to the blog. If you’re struggling with anything, I would love to help in any way I can. Today we’re talking about kick starting your body into that losing weight mode and we’ll be ready for summer like, whoa!!!

How To Get Your Body Back

how to lose weight once and for all

My weight has fluctuated my entire life. I’ve never been able to maintain the numbers that I want because my body has been through so much. When I’m ready to start losing and can’t (my body is so used to what it’s been used to for 3 years), I get frustrated. But then I remember that I am in control, not vice versa. Every Body’s Different. My intake needs to be way less if I want to be at a normal weight. So I started 2019 believing that I can and will accomplish this goal once again. I want to lose 30 pounds by June. If you’d like to lose some weight this new year, let’s go!!!

  • train your brain- we must once again train our brains (which controls our body) to do what we want……it might be a constant battle but we’re here to re-teach it to do what it needs. I’ve never ever ever ever been one to write down my numbers—–never, until now! I started writing my morning weight down on the fridge because this is where I look the most. Having something in writing will start reminding your brain that you’re on a mission. The key is to look at it often and be sure you’re doing this daily.
  • drink more water- I know this is a human struggle but let’s be real, it helps your colon more than you’ll ever know! Adding lemon to my water acts like a healing that truly feels great.
  • cut your calories in half- as hard as this sounds and I’m no doctor (speak to yours if you have concerns before doing this) but this kick starts your body into losing weight mode. The only real way to start losing is by fasting (so to speak). I cannot completely starve myself so I cut it in half and then slowly decrease if I can. Starting out this way will also help train your brain that it doesn’t need the gunk it used to crave.
  • drink more fluids- this is the only way that I can control my food intake. If I fill up on liquids, I feel fuller.
  • eat greens- they’re not only healthy but they serve so much purpose during your weight loss. I eat salads, spinach, steamed broccoli, anything high in fiber (to help you poo more). This cleans your system out.
  • save the protein for dinner- meal times have always acted against me except dinner. I’m eating chicken. No, not fried. That’s all you can eat. Everything else is bad. For my body anyway. I notice my body dislikes other meats. I can tolerate seafood to some degree but overall, chicken is my bestie.
  • don’t eat after 8 pm- I try to eat my dinner and drink water afterwards to control my cravings. I don’t deprive myself. I do eat when I’m in the mood for something sweet but I limit it throughout the week. Even if you cut your eating time to 10 pm, you are still in good hands because you need at least 12 hours in between eating times.
  • allow 12 hours before you eat again- this is the rule of thumb when you need to lose weight, get your health under control. If you stop eating at 10 PM (and this doesn’t mean pig out from 5-10), don’t eat again until the following day (afternoon or dinner time). I never eat breakfast because it interferes with this. On occasion I will eat a high protein breakfast but not everyday.

Remember that this is to kick your insides into gear- this is not a way to starve yourselves forever or go bat shit crazy thinking this is so UNHEALTHY! It’s not. It’s a form of fasting but not deprivation.

This must be followed this way or you won’t see any results and your body will be stuck at those unwanted numbers continuously. If you’re anything like me and want to fix that, then start by slowly decreasing your calorie intake and increase it the more your body gets used to it.

For Ex:

If you eat 1500 calories a day, cut down to 1200 the first week. Gradually cut by 200 every week until you’ve cut your calories in half-

Losing weight is about caloric intake. I’ve tried everything under the sun as far as carb cutting, etc, etc and this is the only way to truly lose weight and make it a lifestyle not a diet or a way to starve. My body personally doesn’t like a lot of food. I’m 5’3, I don’t look good fat nor is it healthy on my legs. It doesn’t matter what- it matters how you feel.

how to lose weight without starving

Once you begin this new journey you can start eating better. I have a strong sweet tooth and that’s what I struggle with. I have been trying so hard to purchase those small containers of fresh fruit to help me not crave those unhealthy snacks and it has worked. I went to put a potato chip in my mouth and disliked it tremendously. When we recharge our batteries, aka our brains to like what’s good, it starts acting like it’s supposed to. I don’t know about you but I want to function properly.

And More Importantly, I want to FEEL GOOD

Here’s 10 eating habits to kick start your weight loss and I think for most of us we want this to be a lifestyle not a temporary summer thing, eh?! Like I stated above, our bodies are different. Know your soul! If you can eat things that I cannot eat and still maintain a healthy weight, way to go. There’s just certain things that my body cannot tolerate. Like breakfast. I can’t eat in the morning. If I do it jacks my whole system up. I tried it for months and I stayed at the unwanted numbers for too long trying to exercise and eat healthy only building unwanted muscle.

The next step is cardio. I have failed my body by not giving it the attention that it deserves. I used to run everyday and why I allowed work to invade that is beyond me. I kept telling myself that the work that I was doing was my workout. Errrrrrgh. Wrong. I still have to go for walks, jogs, run, workout in a real gym format. Swimming to help circulation. Cardio to help detox as well. The real reason I haven’t stepped into the gym is because of how I look. I’m not ready, blah blah blah. I need to start again. And the results will be rewarding, inside and out. How to start workouts :

  • begin at home- in the privacy of my own room I feel better. No one can see how fat I truly am and once I start to feel better, I’ll step into the gym
  • go for speed walks, jogs or runs- running outdoors is a great way to kick start that losing weight process. It’s the best thing for you. Throw the hoodie on and let’s go
  • sit on the wall for a few minutes a day
  • plug your earbuds in and go to the gym regardless of how you feel- overcoming what everyone else thinks and doing what’s right for me
  • buddy up
  • put it on your schedule of ‘must do’
  • start slow by doing it 3X’s a week and gradually increase to daily
  • don’t be afraid we’re in this together
  • support groups
  • slow but steady
  • listen to music
  • remember that it increases those feel good moods
  • take before and after pics weekly
weight loss journey

Create a diary of your success. I’ve cleaned homes where the owner writes on the shower glass doors ( I personally write on a pad and stick my numbers to the fridge ) but however you can watch your growth on this journey is going to be a game changer for sure. I have fall back days, that’s normal. But I have to get back up again and do what I need to do for my body.

No one said it’d be easy. It’s not supposed to be, I guess. It’s work. It’s a lifestyle. It’s change.

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to be your cheerleader – chime in and let us know how you tackle the weight loss in the comments below. Until next time…..stay sassy!

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