Understanding what needs to be done before the house cleaner arrives is a big deal. Not everyone knows what to expect, so here’s a simple guide on ‘how to get ready for the house cleaner‘. It will save you the headache of misunderstandings if this was to ever happen to you!

how to get ready for a house cleaner

In plain English; yes! There is a way to prepare before the house cleaner arrives.

1.) Put all of your personal items, things of value away! Do not leave expensive jewelry lying around, or expect house cleaners to touch high ticketed items. In my own experience, there are certain things that I will not clean, dust or touch for that matter. If there’s a heavy piece of decor that needs to be cleaned, I leave that for the homeowner because I don’t want to risk any harm to that item.

2.) Organize your paperwork. I can’t clean if your papers are all over the place. When you hire a house cleaner they don’t touch personal papers, etc….so, either hire us to organize it or pile it aside to go through later.

3.) Place cleaning products you want us to use out on the counter or some place that we can easily access. We don’t want to be shuffling your cupboards and closets for things we need. It’s nice to have your own supply of special products because some households like different things. For instance, if you like using only one brand for your floors, buy it and place it out for the cleaner to use. C & S brings a lot of their own supplies but the homeowner can supply some items as well.

4.) Leave a note. If there’s something special you want done, just leave a note with instructions. We’re not mind readers and sometimes we forget. (We’re human too)!

5.) Don’t expect. Just because you think something is going to be covered in your house cleaning doesn’t mean it is. All cleaners include their own list of things to do while cleaning a home. Clean and Sassy offers packages because one package might be better for your house cleaning needs than the other. We offer basic and deep cleaning. If you think the inside of the microwave gets cleaned with the basic, think again. We offer a deep cleaning package for that. Never expect, just ask. It’s better to understand the service than to be upset when you get home and see that something wasn’t included.

6.) Leave the clean linens out. At Clean and Sassy we change the beds if you need. If you do not need your sheets cleaned then make your beds before we arrive. This prevents us from getting dust and allergens on us and we don’t want to be crawling around your beds on your personal sheets.

7.) Set all the laundry aside. We offer a free load of wash with the essential package and 3 with your deep cleaning. If you prefer not to have us do your laundry then place clothing into hampers and not on the bed, or the floor. Pick up your clothing please. We do not hang clothes or put them away unless you are receiving that service.

8.) Pet services are extra. That means you clean up after your animals.

9.) Things that should be picked up before we arrive:

a.) toys

b.) dirty dishes ( we clean them if needed but take them out of the bath and bedrooms and place in the sink or dishwasher )

c.) clothing

d.) papers, homework, etc

e.) laptops, notepads and phones

f.) food

10.) Clear the bathroom sinks if you can. If you leave everything out, we will just put in a cabinet or under the sinks/in drawers. We don’t know where these things go but they don’t belong on the vanities. Need a little help organizing under the sink? We can help.

Got stains on those carpets? Hire a professional. We do not specialize in tile cleaning but they do!

Help us by helping you! By de-cluttering and removing items that we cannot touch- you help us clean BETTER! I love cleaning and organizing so, if you need that kind of service together, just ask!

We hope this helps you better understand the cleaning crew and what’s included in certain cleaning packages. As always, communicate if there is uncertainty. Follow us on Twitter for more cleaning tips or ask us daily questions! We love interaction.

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