As many of you know, I’ve tried an abundance of cleaning supplies in my career and over the years I have become more accustom to the all natural way of living. Yes, I still use chemicals to get certain jobs done but I also clean with nothing but water sometimes. You may ask….how so?! It’s actually very simple and you could get used to it very quickly.

Cleaning With Just Water

The more cleaning jobs I do, the more I understand what works and what doesn’t. I recently started using microfiber cloths to simply dry things after I cleaned but the more I used them, the more I understood their purpose. Applying water to the cloth wiped up more than I thought it initially would. Hard food stains were coming up with just hot water and a rag, so I decided that a lot of the things I was cleaning didn’t need anything harsh to remove it.

how to clean with water

My refrigerator clean out last week was cleaned with just water. I didn’t have any dawn dish soap and wasn’t expecting any tough stains on the glass but there was food stuck to one of the shelving units. It came clean with just hot water.

Here’s how you clean with just water:

  • for tough, hard gunk; use hot water! while many cases may need longer wait times, most of the time it takes just a few minutes to let the water sit on something before it gets wiped cleaned. for really caked on messes, just scrub with a scouring sponge and water
  • for many people this might sound gross but cleaning dishes with just water is a thing! i wash dishes with just water + a sponge or even a paper towel especially if there’s really nothing on the plate!
  • wipe the bathtub and shower doors || walls clean with the water you’re using from the shower. when i am taking a bath in the tub without filling it; i just take my hands and wipe soap off the walls
  • if you attempt to clean wood floors with just a microfiber cloth and some lukewarm water, be sure that it’s damp and not wet + then wipe dry
  • my baseboard cleaning tips are live on the blog now
  • mirrors are really easy to wash with just water…..i use cold water and it works like ahhmazing- you might have to do it twice but it’s great if you wipe the mirror with a wet cloth and then dry immediately! the friction back and forth will get the smudges out
  • normally stains on fabric will lift with just water…..use cold to take marks off your sofa and furniture
  • run the bathroom sink water and swish with your fingers to create a circular motion that releases the toothpaste and spit that dried up from this morning- gross but you can wash your hands afterwards + it’s the fastest way to get your sinks cleaned

What You Can Clean With Just Water

-counter tops, sinks and stove tops

-mirrors and frames

-laminate, ceramic and wood floors

-desktops, tables and shelving units

-cupboards, refrigerators, exterior appliances

-shower walls, bathtubs and vanity tops


-windows (some glass doesn’t get streak free)

-toilet seats (i prefer to have these disinfected, i just can’t)

-tough, stuck on grime (if it’s filthy, you need chemical help)

Things To Remember When Cleaning With Just Water

Less is more. Test areas first to see how well it lifts before soaking the cloth or sponge. You never want to put too much water on something. Especially wood pieces.

If you cannot remove it with just hot water and a microfiber cloth, use a sponge!

Dry immediately- most things you clean with water will need to be dried almost immediately, so carry the dry cloths with you!

The water cleaning method is not for everyone but it works for many things around the house, the car and when you’re in a hurry. Just remember that some germs are good for you and sometimes cleaning with just water is good enough.

Tell us how you clean ‘all naturally’! Some of our clients swear by the Supercloth, I’m just testing it out.

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