Our Maltese is hypoallergenic so he doesn’t shed at all. In the past we’ve had short haired dogs that do shed a significant amount during seasons. I recently cleaned a home with grey hounds. At first you wouldn’t think that they shed that much to make your home ‘hairy’ but they do in fact leave those annoying things wherever they go. Throughout my experience cleaning hardwood and ceramic, I’ve discovered the easiest way to get things up. I’m very¬† thorough, so if I don’t get every little thing off the floor it irritates me. Today we’ll discuss how to clean tile floors if you have shedding pets. You truly don’t understand what’s ‘down there’ until you get on your hands and knees.

how to clean a tile floor

The very first thing I do when I tackle any floor is get the vacuum going. The hose grabs the border of the walls and sucks up those pest-y hairs along the cabinets. After I do the outer part of the room I start working my way towards the middle. It’s very easy to kill your back but take a couple breaks and then finish up.

No matter what you’re cleaning with, it really doesn’t do the job completely unless you do it in steps:

    • Vacuum the floor
    • Wet the floor
    • Dry the floor
    • Sweep the floor
    • Use a wet wipe to remove any loose debris left behind

A lot of times if you mop first then sweep after it dries it helps to get it cleaner. Do things backwards in the case of cleaning floors. I happen to be on my hands and knees even in large square footage homes because mops and brooms LEAVE things behind.

Use cleaners that actually work. I can’t stress this enough. Getting cheaper supplies doesn’t do the trick. It’s number one:

-not sanitary

-a waste of money

All purpose cleaners often work better than actual floor cleaners. I use a spray and paper towels to get hard stains up. Directly spraying the grime and letting it sit for a minute before wiping it up cleans it better than trying to scrub with a mop. Certain mops bother me. I guess I just like to tackle dirt hands on and know what I’m picking up versus letting a mop push the dirt to another location throughout the floor. It’s super annoying.

Every floor is different and certainly every home is. It all depends on the area. If you can get lucky with just a broom and mop, awesome. For much bigger floors and pet shedding homes, I can’t tell you enough how this process really works. Especially if you notice things like myself. When picking something up off the floor, you don’t want to pick hairs up with it.

What Cleaners Work The Best

These are not commercial cleaning supplies. You can get them at almost any retail location or online. I’ve personally had experience with and highly recommend. Good ol’ floor cleaners like Fabuloso might work good for you, we just don’t use the strong scented products because we believe they are not sanitary and the smell is overwhelming.

After you’ve vacuumed your floor, cleaned with one of the cleaners listed above ( oh, the honest wet floor wipes are AWESOME ) and allowed it to dry, run a good broom or a dry swiffer over it to push any remaining hairs to a pile and then inspect with a wet wipe to pick up anything left behind.

This is the BEST, perhaps the ONLY way to remove pet hairs and crumbs stuck in hard places! Good luck cleaning those floors thoroughly. If you’re not all about that and want to hire the best cleaning service in the area, we are here for you!

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