Remember when I accidentally killed myself trying to clean shower glass doors fast and easy. Well most of you know I’ll try anything to get the results we’re looking for when cleaning tough grime, soap scum and calcium/lime build up. Not everything is easy for a house cleaner. If you read that post, disregard!! There’s nothing more powerful than a wake up call when you’re in this type of business. However, I will say that if you wear a mask you should be okay…..still, go this route if you want to clean all naturally.

Cleaning Shower Glass Doors

Because I clean so many windows and clear glass in different atmospheres, I tend to run into problems with any cleaning product. Just because something works on one project, doesn’t mean it will on another. Every house is different. And every glass is not created equal.

how to clean shower glass doors fast
shower glass doors cleaning tips for a fast and easy way to clean

Everything we clean is done in steps. A step by step process allows you to achieve the outcome you desire. Time. Everything is also going to require time and patience. Sometimes when I clean homes, I’m in the bathroom for HOURS. A professional house cleaner takes the time to do it right. If something ain’t workin’, best believe C+S gonna try everything possible to remove that grime!


With shower glass doors I always do both sides. Just because the exterior isn’t exposed to as much water doesn’t mean it doesn’t need cleaning. They both get washed. Starting with the exterior of the shower, take a sponge with warm water and a squirt of dawn dish soap on it. Moving back and forth, side to side, up and down to fill the glass with soap and water. Next, take a scrubby brush and power scrub the soap into the glass. I use a circle motion back and forth to get the scum lifted.

Not the greatest video since I was taping and cleaning it at the same time but to give y’all an idea of what I’m trying to say:



  • I usually start with a wet rag or paper towel and apply warm water with a squirt of dawn dish soap in it ( use the blue )
  • lather the glass door
  • take a scrubby brush like the one in the video and work the soap into the scum and hard water deposits ( I tend to repeat this process for several minutes to give it a good scrubbing )
  • take the wet rag for rinsing only and start rubbing across the glass to remove excess soap suds
  • repeat the scrubbing without adding more soap to it if there’s visible hard water stains ( if it hasn’t been cleaned in a long time you may have to do the entire process 3-4 times before it’s golden )
  • finally wipe dry

The key is to always wipe showers dry after every use to prevent water spots and damage. If a glass goes a very long time without being cleaned properly, the inside of the glass becomes affected. Daily maintenance will prevent this from happening and you’ll have sparkly clean shower glass doors all of the time.


In the video the dry glass door is open and there is a window behind it showing you how clear the glass actually is after a simple cleaning with dawn dish soap. Typically I can tell if a shower is cleaned often or not and from the initial cleaning it gets almost 98% of the glass sparkly clean. Not bad for just dawn dish soap, eh?!!!

With another couple times cleaning it this way the glass will be perfect. If it’s too stressful for you to think about doing yourselves, recommend it to your house cleaners. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind using a little less toxins in their lives. If you’re getting ready for spring cleaning now is the time to get fresh windows outside too.

Any topics you’d like us to discuss? Leave a comment below, and as always….stay sassy!

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