It may take you some time to really understand your floors and trust me when it comes to cleaning them, we’re familiar with different types and what to use on them. Not every floor is created equal. In fact, no two floors are exactly the same. It’s becoming more and more popular for home owners to install laminate because the wear is just that much more tolerable. Certain hardwood is not recommended if you have pets due to the fact that they scratch easily and are hard to maintain. We’ll get into the brands, styles and how to’s in just a moment.

how to care for hardwood floors

Floor installers will tell you what is best to use on your newly installed floors. However, not all tend to listen. You know your floors best and if you don’t, you soon will.

Never use harsh chemicals. All natural, water based is best. And very little is necessary. Filling a bucket of water is not needed. You probably only need about 16 oz of water per floor, if that. Microfiber mops are the safest when it comes to wiping them clean. My all time favorite is the Easy Slide from Pure Care.

The way that I clean all floors is usually in a 3 step process ( especially if there’s pets ).

  • Pick up any big items or debris from the floor before you begin cleaning
  • Sweep or Vacuum the entire floor space. Using the wand tool on your vacuum be sure to get under cabinets and tables, etc
  • Clean the floor with a microfiber mop and hardwood floor cleaner

If I notice the floor is extremely filthy, I go over the dry floor again with the vacuum and mop once again.

What to use on hardwood floors?!

  • Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner is excellent on hardwood
  • Bona is good on some floors but not all. I’ve only really liked this stuff on certain clients homes and for me it just doesn’t have a ‘wow’ result as far as shine goes – however, it does work on laminate and hardwood, and even ceramic
  • Many of our clients prefer a steam mop but overtime it will actually ruin your solid wood flooring. We do not clean with a steam mop unless the client wants it.

My experience with cedar plank flooring is good with Bona. I also really love using it on waterproof laminate floors.

how to clean hardwood floors safe and easy

Some other good floor cleaning products:

Rejuvenate ( I don’t usually clean with this but it’s not a bad product at all. I’ve used a couple times due to a clients recommendation on their own flooring and it seems to work well- again, you don’t need a lot to clean with )

One part hot water, One part white vinegar- Spray onto floor and wipe clean with a microfiber mop! This is the way they used to clean floors but I don’t necessarily like this method. If you still live by this way of life, know that you don’t need a ton to clean this way. All you need is a spray bottle to lightly mist the floor and then wipe clean with the mop. Do NOT use a ring mop or anything of that nature—–ALWAYS use a microfiber cloth mop!! If too much water gets into the mop, change the head. But really, do not think that more is going to clean better.

Now getting back to the ‘all floors are not created equal’- simply test an area before you go cleaning the entire floor with any of the specific brands mentioned above.

Pro Tip: if you’re using a floor cleaner and there is footprint residue after you clean with that product, you’re either using too much or the brand is not good for your floors!

Unsealed hardwood floors cannot be cleaned with water. Water will damage the floors overtime and it’s just a mess. Take a dry microfiber cloth to run over the floors after you’ve swept or vacuumed and spot clean with such a damp cloth that it barely has anything on it. Dry completely to remove excess water.

Most all flooring will need very little product to get the end results you’re looking for. Bona makes a variety of bottles to properly use just what you need to get the floor cleaned. It doesn’t take much and it certainly doesn’t require a lot of thinking. Less is more.

Another pro tip: do not use the polyester pads that go underneath area rugs because they will indeed ruin your floors. I’ve found that using these are better quality and do not ruin your hardwood floors.

If you have any special tips —-> share them below. And thanks for keeping it sassy!

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