Recently I shared my story about going all natural. Our cleaning business is thriving and I honestly thought that this day would never come but here I am, accomplishing my goals and discovering what it is like to be a real boss! If you follow C + S on social media, you know how much I love to promote cleaning products that we believe in. I’ve tested numerous ones over the years and I am happy to announce that we have found our gem. My number one goal for this business was to find a cleaning product that covered all of the basics + be completely free from toxins. I didn’t want 20 different products in our cleaning closet so, discovering one natural cleaner that cleaned everything in your home was almost surreal for us!

One Natural Cleaning Product That Does It All

I reached out to a couple different companies about testing their products and naturally I would know instantly which one I wanted to be our ‘go to’ cleaning product; if there was any. Having trying so many throughout the years, I just didn’t know if there would ever be one that I felt so passionately about! The story behind Branch Basics was one that hit home for myself. As a mom, a woman on the go, family oriented, genuinely caring…..I sensed right away that their brand was for us.

How It Works- branch basics provides empty labeled bottles for multi room cleanings : the concentrate is what you mix into these empty bottles after filling to the recommended line with water. The step by step process is here.

All you need is the cleansing solution, water and an empty bottle to mix it in. What’s great about BB is that they provide the instructions easy and stress free! Perfect for busy families, house cleaners and even commercial cleaning.

natural all purpose cleaner

1.) All Purpose Cleaning– use around the house, in the kitchen, bathrooms, on doors and window sills. This cleaning product is important for me because I clean a lot of counter tops and vanities. Using one that gets all jobs done is a life savor and it’s going to save our business a lot of money. You don’t have to spray a ton. Obviously the longer food has been sitting there, the more you’ll want to use.

2.) Window + Glass Cleaning– I tested this bottle first. I’m always washing mirrors and smudgy windows, so ordinarily I was testing streak free cleaners and this just about blew me away! tip: use distilled water for better results. Goodbye dawn dish soap. Sorry, not sorry! Again, you don’t need to spray a lot for better results.

all natural laundry detergent
plant based laundry cleaner

3.) Laundry– Initially I had no idea how great this would be for my home life! Of course we do a lot of loads at clients homes¬†and that’s a huge part of growing our business. So far, I have washed multiple loads with the oxygen boost and our clothes/linens come out smelling wonderful. I am a freak about smells and it really made this gal happy. No harsh chemicals, no flare ups for my ‘skin sensitive’ family and I can already tell it is making our clothes last longer. Half a scoop is all you really need.

Walk Around Barefoot, Go Ahead

4.) Floors– Ahhhh. I spend most of my time cleaning all types of floors and using Branch Basics for these big jobs has not only been efficient but rewarding as far as cleanliness goes. It’s really time saving, and thoroughly works, not harming your floor areas at all. Here’s how I use it: mix the concentrate in a bucket with warm (hot water for ceramic tile), add 2-3 squirts into a 7 liter bucket. Honestly, it doesn’t take much to spray an area of the floor with the all purpose bottle and wipe with a microfiber cloth if smaller areas of the floors need cleaning. tip: use less water on hardwood floors and very little concentrate.

The Same Cleaner For Both Your Skin & Appliances? No Way!!!

5.) Hand Washing– let’s be real! I wash my hands way too much and the fact that this company offers a foaming hand wash is ahhhhhmaazing! Not harsh at all. And I notice that my hands are not so crusty ( i clean a lot, they dry out fast, don’t judge ). I’m hoping that with this and some good lotion- maybe they’ll invent one, my hands won’t look like a man anymore!

There’s so much you can do with this cleaner! It’s an all-in-one, natural, plant + mineral based, 100 % human safe, toxin free for you and your beautiful growing family! Let’s stop the harsh chemical usage and bring life back into our homes once again. I personally will be using this in every home we clean. So thankful that I have found this company. Looking forward to washing more clothes, cleaning the floors and having only one product in my cleaning closet. Now I can successfully promote this cleaning business and feel extremely good about what we stand for. Have you tried the BB yet? What are you waiting for!?

From our home to yours, Branch Basics & Clean and Sassy

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