For many years, I have been practicing Feng Shui, the use of energy forces harmonizing individuals with their surrounding environments and I didn’t even realize it. Some of you may not willingly practice this Chinese geomancy either but still incorporate it into your homes. Attracting good feng shui is actually rather soothing in nature and brings out an overall healthy state for you and your home, so let’s start with simplifying.

If you have yet to join my decluttering challenge, please do! It’s a great way to start the feng shui process.


1.) Clear the clutter and create an open, airy space that flows. I take a garbage bag every single week or month (depends on how busy we get) and throw everything I don’t need away. It’s a practice that you should try. It’s things like empty shampoo bottles, old shirts and socks you don’t wear anymore, shoes, papers, old mail, etc……toss and feel the weight lifted off your space immediately. I can’t tell you how amazing this is.

2.) Bring in plants and open the blinds. When we clean homes that are dark and dusty, the first thing Doug and I do is raise the blinds. It’s important for you to do this each day. Allow natural light to come in and bring the greenery to life. I have become the ‘plant whisperer’ so to speak……I really find joy in plant life, so grab a lucky bamboo, bonsai, peace lily or palms and plant them in beautiful pots to give your home a healthy living space.

3.) Learn the 5 elements. Ever wonder why people have fountains or lion statues in front of their homes. These represent the elements practiced in feng shui. You can incorporate them in different ways. We do this by adding a piece of art that represents water (if you cannot have a fountain or a fish bowl), with colors like golds and purples, wood elements in furniture pieces, etc.

4.) As well as plants, bring in flowers. Here’s 9 flowers that are good energy. Now if you’ve followed my life then you know how much I adore these beauties. I also learned that when you are staging a home with real flowers you should never use store bought, always flower shops and gardens. That’s important in your homes as well. However, if I see a good Orchid at the local grocer, I’m buying it!

5.) Front door colors. If you own your home then this is a really good place to start. Adding a specific color to your front door and understanding the direction your house sits is really an interesting way to get to know your place. I recently whipped out my compass app on my IPhone to find out what direction our house faces.

Remember that burning sage to ward off any negative energy but still allowing piles of clutter to invade your space is not good chi. You must start slow by incorporating all these good feng shui habits into your home and eventually the flow will start to improve dramatically and over a short period of time you will feel such an amazing difference in your well being.

I began this journey by practicing minimalism and ever since I have been a different person. It not only teaches me what’s important and valuable in life but it helps with stress, depression and anxiety. Truly life changing. I cannot express how becoming a professional house cleaner has also changed not only our own lives but our clients. Rewarding to say the least. If you find yourself needing help getting started, clearing out a room, redecorating, please reach out to us. We’re always happy to help. Happy Feng Shui-ing!!

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