room makeovers

Room Redesign

Hello fancy, stylish friends looking for a room redesign! Here at Clean and Sassy we don’t just clean, we re-design. Room makeovers are required at least once a year! Says who? Says the sassy people in the world that love CHANGE.

Order Your Room Redesign by Clean and Sassy

One of the things that we love even better than cleaning is designing. Coming home to a clean house is wonderful but entering a whole new room is just pure fabulous.

We suggest re-designs if you haven’t pampered yourself in a long time or if you’ve been looking at the same layout for over a year! It’s time for change.

Just moving in? We can decorate the entire house or just one room. We’re probably more excited than you are, truly!

Our re-design package comes complete with:

  1. an essential cleaning
  2. makeover using new and old decor / furniture
  3. before and after photos
  4. removal of unwanted pieces (ask for details)

Each Client’s needs is different, so not every re-design is going to cost the same. This is just a typical estimate: $450 – $1500. Price does not include purchase of new decor or furniture. Client must either buy new stuff or we can go shopping for you!

Coming Soon: Photos