organization services

Organization Services

With a background in cleaning comes home organization services. The key to organizing is obviously cleaning but the two go hand in hand. It’s our sassy pleasure to take on this task because sometimes it is not easy.

The Sassy Home Organization Services

What’s great about us is that we design on a budget. We’re a frugal company that loves to create with our clients pocket books in mind.

Offices $125 +

Pantries $120

Cupboards $95

Under the Sink $85

Closets $300 +

Room by Room $150 +

Bathrooms $125

Hallways $75 +

Kitchens $125 +

Laundry Room $125 +

Each organization is targeted towards the clients specific needs. We work to provide you a better place to live. Did you know that a little less mess creates a lot less stress.  It’s a proven fact. Let us get your space on the right track.

Prices subject to change and are not completely accurate. It’s best to do a free estimate by calling 239-287-8228.