commercial cleaning services in myrtle beach

Commercial Cleaning

Since the Clean and Sassy business is growing, we decided to add commercial cleaning to the list of services offered here. Our experience in this field has been nothing but positive. We’re excited to announce this new venture.

Just like our residential cleaning we are very detailed with the style of work we do. Nothing makes us feel better than shining up those gorgeous floors and vacuuming all the dust/hairs out of the corners.

Our commercial cleaning package comes complete with:

Commercial Cleaning Services

1.) straightening, sweeping, vacuuming, picking up and dusting

2.) full bathroom stall scrubbing and restocking of supplies

3.) trash removal

4.) window sill cleaning

5.) kitchen cleaning

6.) clear glass and mirror cleaning inside the building

7.) fan and vent cleaning

8.) mirror washing

9.) exterior appliance and desk cleaning

10.) mopping : { if you need carpet cleaning and tile floor cleaning we work with Beach Walk Cleaning Services to get those professionally cleaned for you! }

Window Washing is not included in this basic commercial cleaning package but we can get you a free estimate on that.

All other areas that you need specifically cleaned can be done and we would just do a meet and greet to give you an exact quote. We are equipped with the proper supplies and tools to make your business shine again.

Need an office or room in your business decorated? We can certainly provide a sassy space for your new home away from home.