Grocery Delivery

We offer an errand service that we’re quite proud of.

Grocery Delivery Service
A Fast, Easy Way To Get Groceries Straight To Your Kitchen

We love to shop and are happy to incorporate this into our business. Shopping here in SW FL can be hectic and during season, chaotic. Don’t rush into the traffic and wait in long lines just to grab a few things that you need for the week. We’ll do it for you!


Meet Doug

grocery man

Grocery Delivery Service

Doug has been in the grocery business for over 7 years and in restaurant management for 9. He is a licensed food safety manager. His passion comes from watching Food Network, preparing family dinners and learning how to cook with passion and love. He spends almost every single day at Publix. He typically heads straight for the produce department with a dinner list in mind.

With the lifestyle Doug lives, he is famous for being at a grocery store a lot during the week, which makes him perfect for this service. Let’s just say he knows the routine. He’s more than happy to take your list, get your items and ship them to your counters. He’ll even help put them away. He is professional, beyond trustworthy and extremely reliable. His appointment calendar is 100% organized. This service is fast and friendly.

Picking the freshest produce and latest expiration dates will be the Number 1 thing when shopping for his clients. He will not disappoint. Your food will come fresh, lately dated and packaged accordingly. This is one of the most important things about grocery delivery; getting your food to you in a timely fashion so it doesn’t go bad.

Here’s How It Works:

-Make a list of what you need

-Send it via email to ddecroce07 AT gmail DOT com or Text to 239-269-2446

-Communicate by calling or texting him so he knows exactly where to deliver

-He’ll go get your stuff, deliver and put away

This is perfect for busy families, the elderly, workaholics and more!

Pricing: depends on location, length of list and how much time it takes to deliver and put away

$35+ ( up to one hour of service offered )

$55+ ( up to two hours of service and visit )

Price DOES NOT include the cost of groceries.

Text Your List Now 239-269-2446

Tips are not necessary but always nice considering gas cost is not included in this service! Feel free to ask any questions, call Doug for more details and let’s get those groceries to your home so you can live your life without the chaos!