As a full time house cleaner I get to clean homes for a living and I absolutely love it. I wouldn’t trade it in for any other job. However, I only get to clean my house on Sundays because that’s normally the day I take off. My all around in between cleanings is very basic. With my everyday cleaning tips, you’ll accomplish a healthy place to live in without the hassle of a deep cleaning. Cleaning in between your actual cleanings is going to make all the difference.

The greatest feeling is coming home to a fresh, clean space that just got a major haul from your bi-weekly house cleaner! What about the next few days when life happens and stuff starts to pile up on the kitchen counter? No one wants to do the dishes after dinner, the bathroom towels get thrown on the bedroom floor and dirty clothes begin to fill the laundry baskets!

Yeah…..we all have those IN BETWEEN days before the cleaning lady comes! I tend to tackle the bathrooms and kitchens first. These are the most used rooms in the house. Everyone gathers often throughout the day, everyday.

The most important thing to do in between your deep cleanings is:

Respond and Form

1.) Respond to things out of place immediately. If there’s a towel thrown on the floor, pick it up now. Don’t wait! The fact that we get into a routine of ‘waiting for the cleaning lady’ is what makes our habits seem like the norm. Transform your thinking, “Hey, the house was just cleaned….let’s keep it that way!” remind yourself of this daily.

2.) Form or Reform your habits-in the midst of our busy days we tend to forget to unload the dishwasher, the clothes pile up (both clean and dirty) and we sometimes even forget to put our beauty tools back where they belong! How often do we leave the blow dryer on the vanity? It should go under the sink, in a drawer or back in the closet. Get in the habit of de-cluttering daily! If you make this a habit (putting things back asap) then things don’t seem in such disarray. Don’t forget to unload the dishwasher, washer and dryer EVERY SINGLE DAY!

3.) Use Lysol Wipes to wipe down counter tops, sinks, door knobs, major appliances and you’ll be happy! We wipe everything down as it needs to be. Don’t think you have to go crazy wiping everything everyday because you truly don’t. You want to do it every other day or as needed.

4.) Whether you have a small family or a large family, you’re single or just a couple with a few dogs; FOLD YOUR LAUNDRY every day! It’s a must. We cannot let the laundry get out of control. This is a must above all else. Every chance you get to take care of it, tackle it. Post reminders if you tend to forget. Put a sticky note on your fridge. Set the SIGNAL to ON. If you don’t have a washer/dryer and you go to the laundry mat, use organized bags/bins to separate your colors from white, etc and stick to a day that works for you every week.

  • fold according to category: towels and washcloths together, kids clothes, your clothes, undies, etc…..this helps when you are unloading the dryer. if you pull a towel out to fold it, select another towel until all towels are folded neatly in a pile in a hamper or on top of the washer/dryer. then move on to t-shirts, then pants. it’s easier and so much more successful.
  • separate into who’s who’s: each pile after the dryer has stopped and you’ve folded should be in a pile for each person in the house. whether you pile them on the couch, in hampers or wherever, everyone who has a pile gets put away easier.
  • whomever the pile belongs to, they put away. if they can’t put it away then obviously you have to but put away based on who’s pile belongs to who. i usually put my clothes away and then his and then the girls, etc, etc…..!
  • after everything is put away, you can breathe a sigh of relief and once you practice it daily, you become accustom and learn to love that word (laundry).


These cleaning tips should help you stay on top of everything in between those thorough cleanings and you’ll honestly be a happier you.

If you can’t keep up, you can always switch your cleaning schedules from monthly to weekly. We’re offering same day services now.

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