There’s three things a gal must have: coffee, clothes and her family! Well, maybe more but anyways. Last week I cleaned and organized a closet for a new client. She’d love a much bigger one I’m sure but in either case, it was quite the experience doing someone else’s space for once. At first glance I noticed lots of room on top of the cabinets that weren’t being used. So here goes the before and after of this particular closet organization. I’ll walk you through just in case you’d like to tackle your own closets and share my tips along the way.

How to Organize a Closet with Lots of Clothes

  • pick a spot, any spot and gooooooo!
  • upon taking things down, separate your stuff to keep like items together. (You can place the clothes nicely on the bed until you relocate them).

closet organization before and after

  • start with one side and go through clothes to find the items that belong in the same category.
  • in order to get organized you must first get messy.
  • if you have storage shelves or cabinets then take everything out of that specific unit and dust it. Reload with new, fresh clothing to give the entire closet a makeover.
closet makeover reveal
This Is The Closet ‘Before’

For the most part this closet was organized. She had everything together as much as possible but it just needed to be cleaned and further staged. My very first ‘real’ job was at a clothing store. We had to doll up the manikins and design the space beside it. It’s funny how every little job you have in life teaches you something. I learned how to have an eye going into big projects like these. I would essentially treat it as if I was allowing young ladies to come in and SHOP MY CLOSET!! Which is how I treated this one. It’s obvious she has a fashion drive and loves to look good. She deserves to see those nice things when walking in to get dressed.

I started with the handbags and purses. By placing them on top of the storage units you can actually have more room on the wall to hang a designer dress or scarves, hats, etc. Click here for some of my organization topics.

Closet Organization in a Nutshell

  • Place big items on top
  • Fold Sweatshirts, Jeans and T-shirts
  • Keep Sneakers Away From Dress Shoes
  • Put Boots and Out of Season Items Up High or Out of Sight or better yet, in storage tubs found here
  • Arrange frequently used tanks in a basket rolled up to give more space
  • Lingerie should either be hung on hooks or placed in a bin neatly or both ( I placed the sexier ones on a hook and the others in a storage bin like these )
  • If possible have a dresser to put things like socks, underwear, tees and tanks in ( if you don’t then get baskets to separate and you could mix in between the shelving space ) pictured below
  • Put flat sandals and flip flops in a basket (pic below)
  • Fill handbags that you don’t use a lot ( but like to keep around ) with plastic bags from grocery stores or tissue paper to give them a full look; they sit better on the shelves too
  • Keep it organized by same styled items but separate with other fashion accessories EX: fold jeans on one shelf then put shoes on the next shelf (so on and so forth)

keeping the style in organization

I obviously did some re-arranging after this but it starts by just adding things in an organized fashion to a space. If you don’t like it, move it. I ended up placing the jeans all on one shelf because I found more as I was cleaning. This gives you an overall idea of how baskets can be used. Check out the one below where I placed all smaller bags in a wire basket. You can simply pull it down, choose the bag you’d like to use for the day and put it back nicely. Inside the big Victoria’s Secret Bag is a smaller bag. So you can place the stuff that you’re not using inside the bigger bags for extra storage.

handbag organization

I’d love to rock and roll on an entire new design but that wasn’t this project. If you’re in need of one, I’d be very interested.

I did what I could with as many clothes that there was. It’s totally up to the client to donate or get rid of any items. I also try to do everything as affordable as possible. Being a little creative with the bags and stuff saves money. This was relaxing for me. It was simply organizing and utilizing the space we were in and it turned out lovely.

after closet organization

closet organization before and after

What a fun organization project. By moving things around and using baskets/bins, you get a completely new look. Now get tackling your own. Or just hire Victoria, she’d love to take care of it for you.

What are some things you do to stay organized in the master closet?

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