Throughout my life I’ve worked from home while raising our girls. I’ve also worked in pharmacy’s, retail shops and as a CNA. I just delivered my second daughter when I started nursing school. I don’t think it was even a full three weeks but I started classes, determined to go every single day. Nursing was my passion. I grew up with a large family ( my Nana had 10 children ) and my mom had 4 of us, leading to love with a huge heart. After going to school, just delivering a baby and juggling home life, I became very ill. My immune system collapsed, I got shingles at the age of 24 and felt like I needed to be with my babies. So, I left nursing half way through the program because the timing was all wrong for me. Fast forward 13 years and here I am in the beautiful Naples, Florida with a cleaning business called Clean and Sassy, LLC. Welcoming me with open arms is The Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce hosting our first ribbon cutting.

chamber ribbon cutting

Proud to be an active member in the community. I’ve never been this involved before. I enjoy business meetings and supporting other local business owners. I’m a firm believer in going for what you want and most importantly for what you deserve. I’m a hard worker, always been a go getter and even if I’m working for another company, I’m giving it my all. I’m not perfect but I’m absolutely, genuinely a rock star when it comes to work ethics. I was taught from a very young age to get out there and make a difference. My first job at 13 was grape tying and I baby sat 2 little girls, volunteered at concession stands and then made my way into retail opening and closing a clothing store as a key holder at the age of 17.

clean and sassy
a stylish, classy cleaning service

Although I love to clean, do laundry ( it happens to be my favorite chore ) and create pretty rooms, I also have a passion for painting furniture. I owned a brick and mortar in NY where I held weekend flea markets, painted custom designs and managed over 30 vendors. It was very short lived due to a fire by the upstairs tenants but I never fell out of love with what I did for a living. I was born in the wrong era. I say that all the time. I don’t really have friends my age, they’re all older. I’m just an old soul. This was a Mackenzie Child’s┬áknock off that I did for a client.

mackenzie childs diy

Not the best photo but it was sure enough a fun project. As a creator and a Gemini, I craft new ideas often. You’ll see me changing themes here on the blog like every other week. Definitely not a boring person. However, I am a home body enjoying my morning coffee, writing, and taking photographs. I’ve lived a lot of life experience telling people that I’m not book smart but very common sense smart. Sometimes the streets teach you more than what the books do. I was not ever meant to go to college, rather be a boss and I’m dedicated to making that happen. I can’t thank Doug enough for supporting me through this journey because ideally in life you need that one ride or die. He’s had my back from the get go. He likes to jump in. Yep, he comes and cleans sometimes too!

Our Ribbon Cutting With The Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce

When we joined the chamber our hope was to meet new people, get this new business going and learn how to be a better business owner and partner. I’m positive that everything will fall into place and no matter how tough it may be to grow, I’m going to make it happen.

Thanks for having us, looking forward to 2018 and many more years to come! Oh, I also had the pleasure of writing their first blog post. You can read 11 Tips to Promote Productivity In The Office Here. Cheers! xoxo

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