The Sassy Way Of Life

Clean and Sassy may be a fabulous house cleaning business but we're also full time bloggers. Our 'sassy way of life' slogan came about when we were vacuuming a home and tag teamed the living/dining room floors. Watch the video on our YouTube channel. <h2 style="text-align: center;">The Sassy Way Of Life</h2> We are truly on a mission to create a fun, unique cleaning business that offers tons of success tips not just on cleaning products, how to's and before and afters but also in our personal lives. We often need internal cleaning and as humans we crave a specific lifestyle. Sassy means style, lively, cheeky, fun and without it....we're essentially BORING. Who wants to learn new things, create art out of something dirty and daunting.....well, we do!!! We are the team that drives you to live better!