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Clean and Sassy is a local Myrtle Beach, South Carolina house cleaning business that provides top notch services to it's clients. The basic everyday essential cleaning package is important in living a better quality of life, which is our mission. Since moving out is popular here, we have become well known as the 'move out specialists'  and strive to help you with all of your cleaning needs. To Become a Sassy Member, all you need to do is become a client! Our members receive exclusive discounts and deals throughout the year and if you join our referral program, you earn FREE cleanings. Yes, free. All you have to do is recommend us to friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc and when they book any service from us, you get points. Every 5 referrals receives a free basic cleaning. Keep referring, keep receiving. The more you refer Clean and Sassy, the more services you will earn for free! By being a sassy member you get updates on cleaning tips, how to's and more. Also, just ask us anything and we'll be happy to share it with you! We're not just your fabulous cleaners, we're your healthy guide to life! Welcome.

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    Sassy Members

    The Neighborhood House Cleaning Discount

    Each week we throw out discounts on cleaning packages that we offer! Here is the best deal you will ultimately receive from C + S. In an effort to keep services in the area affordable and to earn you as a client, we came up with a fun discount program for our sassy members. If you are already a client of ours, consider yourself a sassy member. Our referral program is absolutely fabulous. Every 5 referrals gets you a free cleaning. Our goal is to start doing a giveaway often, whether it’s here or on our FB page. The more clients we obtain, the funner we’ll make everything! We currently…

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    Vacation Rental Cleaning

    With the expansion of our services, we are proud to announce that vacation rental cleaning is one of our most popular packages here in Myrtle Beach. It includes everything in your essential + added bonuses like, lanais & outdoor shower cleanings. Our team is professionally experienced to take on efficient and effective cleanings for your properties. Turns Are Our Forte We specialize in deep cleaning, so rest assured that although this is a basic cleaning service, some deep cleaning gets incorporated.  We are very thorough, getting in every nook and cranny to give the new renters a cozy, healthy place to settle into. With over 20 years in the industry,…

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    How To Get Ready For The House Cleaner

    Understanding what needs to be done before the house cleaner arrives is a big deal. Not everyone knows what to expect, so here’s a simple guide on ‘how to get ready for the house cleaner’. It will save you the headache of misunderstandings if this was to ever happen to you! In plain English; yes! There is a way to prepare before the house cleaner arrives. 1.) Put all of your personal items, things of value away! Do not leave expensive jewelry lying around, or expect house cleaners to touch high ticketed items. In my own experience, there are certain things that I will not clean, dust or touch for…