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    How To Go Poo Naturally

    Hi Guys!!! Yes, I’m bringing the internal cleansing to the blog. I thought long and hard about what I want for this website + business. My background in blogging speaks to me daily, telling me there’s something more to offer. The clean portion of this site doesn’t have to be about ‘house cleaning’ only, it can also be about soul searching, beauty and taking care of yourself. How to go poo naturally came up when my youngest daughter was here for the weekend and we were talking from room to room while I was going potty….we all do it, come on! Anyways, a good portion of my life I have…

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    Oh The Power of a Shower

    I think I forgot how to shower. In all sincerity I was not showering like I used to. Living in humid climates honestly makes me tense up. This is by far the best post I’ve ever written because it often reminds myself to take care of me. Without further ado, The Power of a Shower……. Late 2015 I was changing lifestyles and careers, quickly finding myself the following year in a lot of pain caused by stress from different natures. My shoulders had always been tense but a lot worse now. Yeah, no! this post isn’t about how to clean a shower, it’s about how to take one! Men don’t…