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We are a company all about style. Our services here in Naples Florida are in home. Cleaning isn’t just about cleaning, it’s about a healthy lifestyle. We provide house cleaning, organization, redesigning and grocery delivery. With a background of 25 years we decided to bring this sass to the area. It comes from a creative, passionate, old soul who loves all things girly, vintage and colorful.

Talk about a gal who loves what she does for a living. Victoria has a vibe that is attractive to customers. She strives for the best. She’s an absolute perfectionist although not every cleaning job is perfect. Sometimes it’s down right dirty. That doesn’t mean she won’t tackle it though.

Clean and Sassy comes from a big family where gatherings consist of cleaning. We all pitch in, we all help each other. We’re well known for values, morals, and compassion. A business built on trust is a successful one.