There are days when I like one product better than the other and each home we clean has different needs. So, it’s easy for us to go through multiple cleaning products and therefore, we get to share the best products on the market for all your household cleaning needs. Today, we are sharing microfiber related mops and dusters!

No matter what type of floor we are cleaning, we need microfiber mop heads. Having used several different brands, I can narrow the top best for you to enjoy. I like a product that is durable, lasts long and locks in the dirt. I also like the ones that are easy to clean since we go through so many. At the end of the day, I find myself buying new ones often because at some point you have to throw them away. Not in your case. The ones I list below will last you a lifetime ( if you only use in your own home ).

  • RUBBERMAID makes a great line of microfiber mop heads. We always use the commercial cleaning supplies but if you cannot get your hands on a good over the counter one, use these.
  • WASHABLE microfiber cloths ( all typically are ) but I chose these for affordability. They are also very durable and comfortable using. The best thing about these ones are that they are Green. They will never rip apart leaving you with that lifetime quality I mentioned above.
  • SCOTCH BRITE is another fabulous one but I’ve heard they are really hard to find. If you can get your hands on these, you’ll be sure to love.
  • The PURE CARE mops should be in stores. If you are not familiar with this brand, I am telling you they have an awesome microfiber mop and duster.

Let’s just talk about the PINK here! It is Wednesday and we do wear pink often! This hand mitt duster is available at Home Depot ( if in stock ) and if you can score one at your local TJMaxx, Home Goods or Marshall’s, great! Buy it. Because the other hand mitts on the market are not comfortable and this one picks up dust like you wouldn’t believe. Such a lovely, long lasting duster. Washes up nice and neat with no ripping or tearing.

Apparently the reviews on Amazon state that they do not send you the actual item pictured, so beware and look for this specific one I share above. It’s the greatest, time saving household cleaning supply I will ever own. I believe I found ours at TJMaxx and it has lasted a very long time. When I clean in the washer it comes out looking brand new, every time.

  • Microfiber shoe duster– I don’t use these a lot but they do come in handy when you need to clean a floor multiple times due to pet hairs. If you happen to be a house cleaner then you know how annoying it can get when you clean a floor and then walk on it to only realize your shoes are releasing those captured hairs back onto the floor you just cleaned!

Going back to the microfiber mop heads, I will share the best mops because in all honesty, I do not like some of the handle tools that are associated with these heads!! Rubbermaid makes great heads but I dislike using their wand. It tends to flip upside down when you are trying to move it back and forth which is super crazy. I need a mop that actually stays flat on the floor when I am moving it.

  • BONA mop- I have used my Bona for over a year now. I have the premium spray mop and sometimes I do not need to use the actual cleaner it holds. You can just use it for wiping purposes if needed. The mop handle itself is easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of vigorous cleaning.
  • PURE CARE– I mentioned this above and really love the quality of this mop. You get the entire system for $25. The actual mop and 2 heads. I believe one is for wet cleaning and one is for dry cleaning. Comfort grip and easy glide.
  • PRO MOP– a commercial quality mop that will have you love cleaning your floors in no time. One review on Amazon states: ‘We’ve all owned a sponge mop. They always leave too much water on the floor, get nasty, are hard to find replacements for. Well, this Microfiber Mop is AMAZING!!! It’s so easy to use. The pad is held on with Velcro type material. It’s a gentle tug to remove. You get the head wet and roll it up to remove excess water. Pop it back in the mop and do your floors! I used just the damp mop for my hard wood and added a little diluted Mr Clean with a spray bottle for my linoleum and laminate. The results are amazing! No streaks. No footprints or water spots. No excess water. They all dried instantly! After, I removed the pad and rinsed under hot water. Hung to dry. I bought additional wash pads, so that when several get soiled, I can pop them in the machine. I’ve posted on FB and all my friends are excited to hear of this revolution in floor cleaning! I’m so glad I found this one. OTHERS have had complaints of weak handles or lack of movement…THIS ONE is the best. I can’t say it enough. I will never use anything else.’

If you are in the market for a super sassy mop, grab one of these today! Such a life changer. I cannot tell you how awesome it feels when you successfully pick up and clean pet hairs with ease. Tell us how you clean your floors in the comments below. Be sure to like us on FB and Join Our Cleaning Tips, Hacks and Home Decor Group! See ya soon.

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