What You Should Expect in a Professional House Cleaner and The Best Cleaning Service Tips To Tackle Your Own Homes

I always go into a home with the best cleaning strategies in mind because number one, I need to do what’s efficient for my business and number two, I need to make the client happy with the service they paid for. I’m not just a cleaning service, I’m the best house cleaning company with a stylish twist because I am a perfectionist and I make sure that my clients are being well taken care of. Here’s a run down of the best cleaning service tips whether you hire someone or do it yourself.

Best Cleaning Service

The Sassy Way of Doing Business

  • Never go into a room or a place thinking, ‘what a mess’ – you set yourself up for stress and make it sound like you don’t want to be there in the first place. What needs to be done, needs to be done regardless of how big or small the clean up is. Go in with a positive attitude, love what you do and do what you love!
  • Be fully stocked with cleaning supplies.

The Best Cleaning Supplies To Have On Hand

  • gloves ( i use the powdered free latex gloves )
  • blue dawn dish soap ( not just used for dishes but great on tub scum, windows, mirrors and tough stains )
  • an all purpose cleaner
  • sponges that have a heavy duty scrubbing on the back side ( i like the blue the best ) I just started using the Lysol Ones and They are Fab for Tubs, Showers and Sinks
  • Lysol or Clorox Wipes for fast, easy wipe downs like door knobs, light switches, counter tops and more
  • toilet bowl cleaner-with bleach and/or comet
  • paper towels for drying mirrors and windows after you clean them because even if we want to save a tree we need to use these to properly get a smudge free glass
  • handi wipes like these – I just recently used on a really dirty laminate floor. When you wet and clean with them it takes less scrubbing- they are magnificent for dry use as well (dusting, etc)
  • a good vacuum is important
  • an all natural cleaner made with vinegar, lemons or grapefruit

These are obviously just some of the things I prefer to keep in the house for weekly cleaning. Cleaning floors ( small areas ) is better to clean on your hands and knees. When you get down that low, you can actually see crumbs in cracks, hairs and dirt better. I ALWAYS clean the kitchen and bathroom floors on my hands and knees. If it’s a much larger area then a mop will save you. But all in all, get low! Here’s how I clean floors:

A.) Vacuum

B.) Mop/Dust

C.) Vacuum Again

The Key To Cleaning Properly

  • Attention to detail. Things people normally don’t look at are fingerprints on the cupboards, dirt on the light switch plates, behind doors that normally stay open, ceiling fans, behind the toilets, in between the fridge and stove. These are areas that need at minimum monthly attention. Even if I’m only doing The Essential Package, I incorporate The In-Depth as I go.
  • A house cleaner should be moving things off the counters to clean the entire space. If you have things on the bathroom vanity that you use daily, stick in a drawer or a basket and clean the whole sink.
  • A professional cleaning service will straighten, pick up, scrub and get in the cracks of every corner if they are not expecting the ‘spot cleaning’ title.
  • Move area rugs to clean underneath.
  • Go the extra mile. I almost always throw in a free load of laundry, do extra things that aren’t included in a package and make myself understand what it will feel like coming home to one less ‘chore’ as a client. It’s a great feeling to go above and beyond (as a business owner). But as always, respecting the client if they choose not to have this done.
  •  Organize as you’re cleaning. Even if it’s just a little here and there, it helps a ton.
  • Always make the beds and wash the linens weekly or bi-weekly.
  • Do a thorough under the bed cleaning monthly.
  • Closets are usually neglected as far as cleaning goes. As a client and as a homeowner it’s important to realize that these are spaces too. As hard as it is to maintain, invest in a closet organization either every six months or less, whether it’s by you or a professional cleaning company.

And The List Goes On

This is my basic everyday cleaning tips and what you should look for in a professional cleaning service. It’s really all about the business relationship that you develop with your customers. People want to TRUST that you’ll provide only the best when coming into their home. You can always count on Clean and Sassy. We strive for perfection and expect you to be 100% satisfied. However, I do always remind everyone that we are human too and we are not always perfect…..sometimes it’s nice to be imperfect but all in all, do a good job.

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