The master in our new apartment quickly became the guest bedroom right after hurricane Irma. The long dresser was an eye sore and taking up way too much space. I knew that I couldn’t accomplish a makeover if I didn’t get rid of that first. In an effort to make this room more cozy, I had to convince Doug to part ways and he finally agreed. I like to share before and after reveals because it’s pretty exciting what you can do with just a few small changes.

This was the old dresser that I shoved everything onto during the storm. Basically I was using it as a desk for the things I sold online. It was a curse because if I cleared it, I would just re-clutter once again.

I ended up listing the dresser on Facebook Marketplace and it sold fast! Thankfully. I piled all the stuff from the floor to the bed and started using this room to paint in. I flipped an old trunk on it’s side to use as an end table and then started de-cluttering. From there I relocated everything I didn’t want in the room to the master bath. My vanity was filled with baskets of things. But I knew I had to remove everything in order to start fresh!

When I began this room redesign I knew 2 things:

1.) I need to re-use things I already have

2.) I need to find deals for what I don’t have

If you have old things use them!! Create ways to use them for different things, in different ways. For instance this trunk. Sometimes it drives me bonkers but other times I absolutely love it. I have used it as my desk before, an end stand, a plant stand and now I’m using it as a cute little sitting area where you can do your makeup! It’s now going to be a vanity. I love sitting on the floor and so do my girls, so I found this mirror at a sale (dirt cheap) and placed it low enough on the wall for them to get ready; whether they want to do their hair or makeup there or pluck those eyebrows. I already had the mirror, the trunk and the table runner. We just added the pillow, the area rug and a lamp. I always have vintage stuff lying around the house, so I tossed this rotary phone in for props.

Curbside Dresser Makeover

I found this dresser for free and painted it. (before and afters of the actual dresser will be in a separate post soon). This goes back to my ‘curb snatching’ days in NY.

It’s a drive, an adrenaline rush when you find things that you can use for FREE!

The drawers are deep and it’s fully functional. It will last a long time but most importantly, it takes up less space.

I don’t typically buy decor unless it’s on clearance or cheap from a thrift store. I can’t bring myself to purchase a glass cactus for $15, so I purchased it for $3 on clearance because it had a small chip in it. Just adds to the character. It’s fine…it’s affordable and so I’ll use it!!

When I’m searching for things to buy, I always get a thrill out of the deal. I don’t understand buying things full price. I probably never will. Doug comes from a different background and whenever I show him what I got, I ask him to guess the price…he’s always over pricing and when I tell him how much I got something for, he’s completely shocked.

Plants Liven Any Room

I’m well known for grabbing box fulls of little things you can use around the house at garage sales, auctions and estate sales anywhere from $5-$10. I got the trunk in NY for $3 at an estate sale. The dresser was free and the decor was probably a mix between used items and a few deals at TJMaxx for under $50. The bed was Doug’s and I almost always have a plant or two to use for style. If I don’t find a place to use any of the stuff I buy at sales, I re-sell it.

I have a couple more things to do to this dresser before I list it. I originally wasn’t going to distress it but it happened naturally, so I have to finish the edges! It’s not completely finished but the ROOM is. Took me longer to do but it’s free from clutter and mess. Doug even stated, “It’s inviting!”

Oh, there is one more thing I need to get for the bed. I forgot to mention that we hauled the frame out and placed the mattress and box spring on the floor because it takes up less space and the dogs can’t hide under it anymore. I was unsuccessful at finding a bedspread deal and color that goes with the room, so the throw is temporary!!! But for now….redo rooms for less by reusing things you already have and hunting for awesome steals.

Have you redecorated lately. What are some of your secrets as far as snagging a deal?

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