Sassy Cleaning Rules

Clean and Sassy provides quality cleaning services with organization and redesigning. Our business is built on trust and value. We do not tolerate un-professionalism, therefore we have determined the best way to communicate is with some rules.


1.) When calling to book an appointment be sure to tell us the condition your home is in. IE: good, fair, bad. This will determine if you qualify for an essential or an in-depth package and how much your cleaning will be. Be honest because when we arrive and it is NOT as described, you will pay more or not get a cleaning.

2.) If you lock in a deal for the essential cleaning but fail to keep the scheduled bookings, you will lose your deal! For Example: you get a price quote for a bi-weekly or monthly cleaning but you go over that time frame; the fee just goes back to the one time cleaning fee.

3.) No one should be home when we’re cleaning. We don’t want to feel uncomfortable by being in your way and vice versa. Make it easy for us to get in, clean and give you your home back. If you’d like to be there the first time, we get it. Our business is built on trust so we certainly understand. However, I cannot clean as GOOD if you are bouncing from room to room, interrupting or just making it feel awkward. Due to varying circumstances we can bend the rules on this.

4.) Services need to be paid for prior to or at the time of service. You can now pay online leave cash or use apple pay.

5.) Cancellations and rescheduling needs be done within a 24 hour notice. If not, you’ll incur a $50 fee.

6.) If you are not completely satisfied (we offer a 100% guarantee) then you must contact us within 48 hours to fix whatever you are not happy with.

7.) Communicate. If there is something you’d like done just ask! We offer a free load of laundry with every package but if you do not need that, then ask for the inside of your microwave to be cleaned instead ( or something you want that isn’t included in the essential package ). Read about the services and if you are unsure of something, we can clarify.

8.) We snap photos of our work and share on social media/blogs. Your home may get featured. If you wish not to have a piece of your home shared, email us requesting not to use a camera while we clean.

9.) Gratuity is not included.

10.) Sassy Members (regular clients) will receive a free cleaning with every 5 referrals. Tell a friend how much you love C & S, get free cleanings. Ask for more details.

Thank you! As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.